Abuse Easy Read

What is abuse?
Abuse brainstorm   Abuse is when someone does or says something to hurt you or make you feel upset, scared or frightened.
  • Abuse is always wrong.
  • Abuse is not your fault.
Anyone can abuse, such as a family member, care worker or someone you should be able to trust. There are different types of abuse.
Abuse can be:
Man abusing woman   Physical Abuse
Physical Abuse is when someone hurts or threatens to hurt you. It can include: Hitting, kicking, punching, biting, pushing, burning, slapping or scratching.
Person crying   Neglect
Neglect is when the people you rely on for care and support ignores your needs.
They do not give you the care you need to keep you safe, warm and well. This could be not having enough food to eat or keep you clean.
Two people intimidating victim   Mate Crime
Mate crime is when someone gets to know you and pretends to be your friend but treats you badly.
Someone you think is a friend may steal from you or hurt you or make you do bad things.
You might not want to say anything to stop it happening, because you are afraid they may no longer be your ‘friend or mate’ if you do.
group of young people   Grooming
Grooming is when someone builds a relationship with you to gain your trust and then tricks you into having sex or taking advantage of you in other ways.
People who do this might give you gifts or take you out on trips. Often people don’t understand that this is abuse
Children and vulnerable people can be groomed on the internet, through chat rooms, or in the community where they live, by a stranger or by someone they know.
Man groping Woman   Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse is when you do not consent (agree) to take part in a sexual activity.
Sexual activity can be when someone touches you on the private parts of your body or makes you do things that you don’t like or want to do.
Pile of money   Financial Abuse
Financial abuse is when someone takes your money, benefits or belongings, without asking your permission.
2 people having an emotional crisis   Emotional Abuse
Emotional abuse is when people call you names or say bad things about you, which hurt your feelings. This can make you feel sad, frightened or embarrassed.
Who could abuse you?
Family sat on sofa   A family member
group of friends   A friend
group of collegues   Someone you work with
support worker with person   Someone you work with
Abuse can happen anywhere
Picture of a home   Your own home
Picture of friends   Your friend or relative's home
People in a hospital   A hospital
picture of a home   A care home
people in a day centre   A day service
people in school   At school or college
picture of a local map   In a public place
Tell someone you trust if you are being abused
Group of friends   A friend
Family sat on the sofa   Family
Social worker and person   Social worker
Support worker and person   Support worker
Doctor   Doctor
Teacher and student   Teacher
What will they do when you tell them?
Two people talking   Listen and take you seriously
Question mark and tick   Listen and take you seriously
person writing   Write it down
Two people talking   Talk to someone else who could help
person helping another person   Help you
Person pointing to their ear   Listen to you and involve you in decisions
Two police officers   Tell the police if they need to
People may worry if they tell someone:
Two people talking   Will someone help me to sort out the problem?
Person with thought bubble   Will everyone know?
Only people that help will know
Police   Police
Two people talking and pointing   Advocate or Advocacy Organisations like Wiltshire people 1st
Group of friends   Friend
Family sat on sofa   Family
Support worker and person   Supporter
Safeguarding board   Safeguarding Board
Social Worker   Social Worker
Wiltshire Coulcil Logo   Contact Wiltshire Council
Telephone   Advice and Contact: 0300 456 0111
clocks with opening times monday to thursday open from 8:30am to 5:20pm, friday open from 8:30am to 4:20pm
Telephone   Out of Hours Emergency Duty Service: 0300 456 0100
Wiltshire Police Logo   Contact Wiltshire Police:
Telephone   Wiltshire Police:  101
clocks with opening times monday to friday open from 8am to 4:30pm for day shift, monday to sunday open from 4:30pm to 8am
Swindon Police Logo   Contact Swindon Police
Telephone   Swindon Safeguarding Adults: 01793 507828
clocks with opening times monday to friday open from 9 to 4:30
Telephone   Emergency Number: 999
Age UK Logo   Contact Wiltshire Age UK
Letter   13 Market Place
SN10 1HT
Telephone   01380 727767
Computer   http://www.ageuk.org.uk/wiltshire
WSAB Logo   Contact Wiltshire Adults Safeguarding Board
Computer   Wiltshire Council, Wiltshire Police and Health Services have formed the Wiltshire Safeguarding Adults’ Board.
The purpose of the Safeguarding Adults’ Board is to:
  • To work together to try to prevent vulnerable people being abused.
  • Ensure any concerns about someone being abused are investigated thoroughly.

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