Assessment of Need - Easy Read

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Assessment of need
Assessment   A Care Assessment is made to see if any services or other support is needed. You can ask for a social care assessment if you or somebody you care for needs help. Telephone 0300 456 0111.
What is an Assessment of need?
Needs   A Care Assessment is when somebody (usually from Wiltshire Council’s social services) looks at the help you might need to stay independent and safe, in your own home.
They will ask if you are finding anything difficult.
They will ask whether You think there are any changes that would help you live more independently.
Woman in wheelchair being handed a leaflet   On behalf of the Council they will tell you about other services that could help.
Who can ask for an Assessment of need?
asking for assessment   Anybody can ask for an Assessment
doctor   Other people such as your doctor or a family member can ask for one for you or you can ask for one yourself.
carers   Carers can also ask for their needs to be looked at.
Can I contact you for advice?
carers   The council have people ready to help and give you information.
The different ways to contact us are shown at the end of the page.
How is an Assessment arranged?
filling out a form   When we hear that you would like an Assessment we will ask you to fill in a simple form.
This will help us understand what your needs are.
visit   We will then decide whether we need to send someone out to visit you.
Sometimes this person might be a Social Worker or an Occupational Therapist.
full assessment   Whoever comes to see you will:
  • Listen to you and make sure we understand your situation
  • Carry out a full assessment of your needs
  • Decide whether or not you need more support.
  • Send you a copy of the report they make
  • Make sure that you get the services and support that you need.
  • Treat you fairly
If you need to know more you can contact the Council:
phone   By phone on 0300 456 0111
computer   By email :
monday to thursday opening times   Monday to Thursday 8:30am – 5.20pm
Friday opening times   Friday 8:30am – 4:20pm
emergency   Out of Hours Emergency
If you have an emergency outside of these times call 0300 456 0100