Care and Support

What is a Care and Support Plan?

If you are assessed by Wiltshire Council and are found to be eligible for support, the next stage is to draw up a care and support plan, or in the case of a carer with eligible needs, a support plan

A care plan (sometimes called a care and support plan, or support plan if you're a carer) sets out how your care and support needs will be met.

You should be fully involved in the preparation of your care plan, and you and anyone else you request should also get a written copy.

The care plan must set out:

  • The needs identified by the assessment: assessment page
  • Whether, and to what extent, the needs meet the eligibility criteria: national eligibility criteria
  • The needs that the authority is going to meet, and how it intends to do so
  • For a person needing care, for which of the desired outcomes care and support could be relevant
  • For a carer, the outcomes the carer wishes to achieve, and their wishes around providing care, work, education and recreation where support could be relevant
  • The personal budget: personal budgets
  • Information and advice on what can be done to reduce the needs in question, and to prevent or delay the development of needs in the future
  • Where needs are being met via a direct payment, the needs to be met via the direct payment and the amount and frequency of the payments: direct payments

Your care plan should be individual to you, and you should be allowed to have as much involvement in the development of your plan as you wish.


Who will support you to create a plan?

You will be able to access as much support as you need to create your care plan. In many instances you will work with a service provider to create your plan or with direct payment support services if you are choosing to take all/some of your budgets as a direct payment.



Your support plan will be reviewed regularly so as to ensure it continues to reflect the care and support you need. If you feel your support plan needs to be reviewed you should contact the Council’s customer advisors by calling 0300 456 0111 or e-mailing


Useful Links

An advocate may be able to support you creating a care and support plan. Please see the advocacy page for more information