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What is Personalisation?

Personalisation means that every person who receives support whether through Wiltshire Council or funded by themselves, has choice and control over what type of support they receive. Personalisation is about working together to identify what’s important to you.

It puts people at the centre of understanding their needs, choosing their support and having control over their lives. It also means people have the support they need to live independently and actively in their communities.

If you are eligible for assistance from the council you will be helped to create a support plan that makes sense to you and gives you the option to manage that support yourself or have the council manage it for you.

What is a Personal Budget?

If eligible needs are identified we will advise you of an estimated weekly cost for your support. This is called an indicative budget. An indicative budget establishes an approximate figure that the council estimates will be required to meet your eligible care and support needs.

Once your support plan has been developed, we will then decide whether your plan will meet your eligible needs in a reasonable and cost effective way. You will then be advised of your personal budget. This will be the actual cost of the services included in your support plan. 

You will receive a personal budget if;

  • You have eligible needs as a carer or as an individual that meet the requirements of the National Eligibility Criteria in the Care Act (2014) (for more information on the Eligibility Criteria, click here)
  • You have been assessed as being eligible for financial support from the Local Authority for care and support services (click here for more information).

You will be advised of the value of your personal budget, which will be the cost of the support plan required to meet your assessed eligible needs. If the costs of your support plan changes your personal budget will be adjusted accordingly.


How do I get a Personal Budget?

If you would like to talk through your care and support needs you should get in touch with us. Talk to the Advice and Contact team.  

We will have a conversation with you to establish what is important to you and how any issues might be impacting on your life. If it is identified that you have eligible needs, you may be entitled to support from the council. Everyone will be offered information and advice about how they might access community resources or other services to live as independently as possible.

How much will I get?

Your personal budget will be based on the amount of Care and Support you need to meet you eligible needs. The amount you will receive is based on the amount Wiltshire Council can purchase or provide similar services for. The figures provided on this page are used by the Council as a guide to calculate the maximum amount you will receive based on the support plan you develop.

The rates in this document are used as a guide if you come up with a program of activities in place of ‘traditional’ care and support services that meet you identified eligible needs.

It is important to note that you will be financially assessed and may need to contribute to your personal budget. For more information please see our Care Act Page.

Service type



Adult Care Day Care

£22.00 per day

Only applied for day services where personal care is provided

Specialist Day Care for customers with a disability

£38.00 per day

Additional support for customers who have high levels of need will be funded at the agreed PA rate

South 1

£17.22 per hour

These rates should be applied to customers who choose to develop a programme of activities that meet eligible needs that would otherwise be met with standard domiciliary care support

South 2

£17.22 per hour

North 1

£16.70 per hour

North 2

£17.00 per hour

East 1

£17.22 per hour

East 2

£16.70 per hour

West 1

£16.70 per hour

West 2

£17.00 per hour

‘Specialist’ Support Day range per hour

£13.00-£23.78 per hour

This range of rates should be used for customers who have a learning disability, physical disability, autism and complex health needs.
The rate used should be based on the customer’s level of need and aligned to the disabilities accreditation framework. If you have questions about which rate to use please contact specialist commissioning*. For customers who would be referred to a non-specialist provider, the above standard rates will apply.

‘Specialist’ Support sleeping night (any additional support would be agreed case by case)


‘Specialist’ Support waking night range per hour

£10.95-£ £26.46

PA rates (lower)

£11.84 per hour

First 9 hours lower rate.

PA rates (Higher)

£13.65 per hour

All other hours at higher rate.

Standard Live in Care


Criteria as per OSJ residential care. Rates are based on gross cost of equivalent placement minus minimum assessed contribution

Enhanced Live in Care


EMI Standard Live in Care


EMI Enhanced Live in Care


EMI Specialist Live in Care


Sheltered Housing and Extra Care Housing related support

Excluded from personal budget


Transport services

The actual cost of the individual requirement should be applied

Please note the existing transport eligibility criteria should be applied at all times in terms of determining if a customer is eligible for funded transport services

Passenger transport assistant

£7.90 per hour


Residential Respite

£615.61 per week


Residential Respite Specialist

£615.61 per week

Additional 1:2:1 support hours funded at PA rate

Nursing Respite


The contribution is set at a standard rate which is based on the minimum assessed contribution rate and an individual’s age and is exclusive of FNC

Nursing Respite Specialist


As above Additional 1:2:1 support hours funded at PA rate

Standard Nursing


Exclusive of FNC inclusive of contribution

Nursing Specialist


As above

Nursing Live in Care


All health needs will be met by community health teams. Rates are based on the cost the council can purchase nursing care minus FNC and minimum customer contributions

Nursing Specialist Live in Care


As above

OSJ Res Standard


Contribution will form an element of this value as with all Personal budget rates

OSJ Res Enhanced



OSJ Res EMI Standard



OSJ Res EMI Enhanced



OSJ Res EMI Specialist




As per cost of equipment

Equipment would normally be provided as part of a preventative service. Where supplied to meet on-going needs it would need to be in support of assessed eligible needs

Communicator Guide

£21.00 per hour



£4.00 per week

Only for base unit

Telecare & Response service

£6.95 per week


*It is important to ensure that customers receive a personal budget that ensures minimum wage requirements can be met. If sleeping nights are provided as part of a larger package including waking hours you must ensure the customer has adequate personal budget to meet national minimum wage requirements as an average hourly rate. For example, sleeping nights do not have to be paid at the national minimum wage providing the rate paid for waking hours means on average across hours worked in the payment period living wage requirements can be met. If sleeping nights only are required it may be that the personal budget amount has to be increased so that national minimum wage requirements are met. If you need any further information, please contact


Services listed below are currently excluded from personal budget calculations and are delivered as part of the Councils duty to prevent, reduce and delay people developing need.

Prevention service


Initial Support


Carers support services


Community Day services

Includes all day services supported by Age UK

Information and advise services

Includes professional support and information and advise commissioned from the voluntary community sector

Intermediate Care Support

Includes ICT care at home and in residential/nursing care free up to a maximum of six weeks unless preventative benefits identified beyond this point. Customers remaining in ICT beds after this period should have a personal budget.

Urgent Care at Home


Community Equipment

When community equipment is provided as part of the intermediate care pathway to prevent an admission to hospital or reduce the likelihood of readmission then it should be provided as part of the Councils prevention service. If equipment is provided as a means to meet eligible outcomes for ongoing support packages the cost of the equipment should be included in a customer’s personal budget allocation.

Wiltshire employment support team


Richmond Fellowship support services

These services are excluded for 2015. Work will be completed this year to establish an approach to personal budget services and jointly commissioned contracts

Advocacy services


Communication services


Housing related support


Community Housing related support



If you have questions regarding the rate that would apply to bespoke or services not listed in this document then please contact

How can I use my Personal Budget?

You can take your personal budget as;

  • Services arranged by the Council- Wiltshire Council will arrange your care and support services.
  • A Direct Payment - you will receive money so that you can purchase your own care and support
  • A combination of both.

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