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Free Access for Wiltshire residents to 300 short films about Long Term Conditions like Diabetes, Heart Failure, Dementia, C.O.P.D., Back Pain, and Weight Management Surgery. 

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Sound Doctor Films

Why watch our films?

The Sound Doctor is a source of film-based patient information with a library of over 200 films on a variety of Long term conditions, e.g. diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), dementia, heart failure and back pain.

A large body of research indicates that videos can be useful alongside written information when learning how to manage a long term health condition.

All sound doctor material follows NICE guidelines, we have very positive evaluations so we know our films work, and we have numerous endorsements from charities, healthcare professionals and patients.

Who should watch the films?

Patients, relatives, carers and anyone interested in knowing more about any of these conditions.

How do we access the films?

Email with the name of your Wiltshire GP Practice (for verification of your residence in Wiltshire).

We'll get back to you with a registration link where you can make your username and password.

You can then view the library of sound doctor videos

How it works

All our films are short and to the point. They range from three to five minutes. The aim is to help you take control of your condition.

The Sound Doctor is full of information you wish you’d remembered at the GP appointment or just forgot to ask. It gives you access to expert advice at home, in your own time. It’s there whenever and wherever you want.

Examples of some of the chapters in our libraries

you can take a look at sample videos here


• How can COPD affect my life? • Breathing techniques • Getting the best out of your GP • What is COPD? • Smoking and COPD • Keeping active • What is Pulmonary Rehabilitation? • Why do I feel anxious?


• What is diabetes? • Blood glucose control • What are the symptoms of diabetes? • Is diabetes serious? • What’s a good diet for diabetes? • Blood Glucose Monitoring • How can diabetes affect my mood? • Moving on to insulin


• What is dementia? • Can I reduce the risk? • Coping with memory loss • Language and communication problems • Diagnosing dementia • Where can I turn to for help? • Caring for someone with dementia • Looking after yourself as a carer • Living well with dementia • Medicines that may help

Back Pain

• What is back pain? • How can back pain affect me? • Will I need surgery? • Looking after your back • A guide to physiotherapy • A guide to osteopathy • Emily’s story • Johnny’s story • Bridget’s story • Tony’s story • Knee raises • Lower back stretch • Posture improvement

Weight Loss Surgery

• Am I suitable? • Potential risks of surgery • What’s my role? • Preparing for surgery • Gastric band surgery • Sleeve gastrectomy • Recovering from surgery • What can I eat? • Are you sure?

Heart Failure

• What is heart failure? • Being diagnosed with heart failure • Symptoms of heart failure • Medicines and treatment • Cardiac rehabilitation • Looking after yourself • Patient stories