Care Closer to Home Principles

People on a walk

  • Care will be as close to home as possible, with home always as the first option. We will shift our services from being paternalistic to ensuring that services are designed for and with the people who use them.
  • We will focus care around the person, building from communities of approximately 20,000 people.
  • We will join up care at a local level and will work with communities to integrate care around clusters of GP practices and other community settings.
  • We will ensure that care is coordinated for all older people, particularly to support those at risk of deterioration and hospital admission.
  • We will create a team around the person, with someone to co-ordinate care between all the professionals and agencies involved, so that the person at the receiving end feels in control.
  • We will build on the council’s work with local communities on the development of campuses to incorporate health and care facilities.
  • We will support individuals and communities to take more personal responsibilityfor their own health and wellbeing.
  • We will ensure that carers are supportedand that contingency plans are in place, to recognise when informal care arrangements may break down.
  • We will develop our intermediate care services so that more people can be supported to be independent.
  • We will ensure that people with dementia can remain independent and living at home for as long as possible within supportive communities.
  • We will launch dementia friendly communities and towns where people can feel safe and looked after.
  • People with dementia will be diagnosed early, so that the most appropriate treatment and support is provided to maintain independence for as long as is possible and to allow people and their carers to plan for the future.
  • We will continue to develop outcomes-focused commissioning,based on the principles of our Help to Live at Home services.
  • We will reduce duplication of assessments and support plans, so that there are shared assessments and support plans owned by the individuals they support.
  • We will minimise delays,with a focus on reducing high numbers of delayed transfers of care across the system.
  • We will invest in the capacity and competency of the health and care workforce, so that people with complex needs can be supported safely in their communities.

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