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Dementia Specific Advocacy

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Service summary

We offer an advocacy service for adults who are experiencing memory loss or Dementia living in Wiltshire, BANES or Somerset.  We have, through our website, developed a toolkit for people to use to help them to create a Living Well Plan.

For those people who need or want help to create a Living Well Plan we will provide support and/or advocacy services to enable them to make their plans. The Living well Plan is a personalised record of what the person considers to be important information about them that they would wish others to know. It will contain information that they feel is important to them.  This may include a life history, what a good day looks like, and what they would like to happen in the future. 

This can then be shared, with their permission, with those who may need to understand them, to know and consider their choices when making decisions affecting them, when they may be unable to do so themselves. We will maintain contact with people after they have completed their Living Well Plans, if they agree to us doing so, in order to review plans and further support with advocacy services.

The service is free, confidential and impartial, enabling client choice and actively promoting self advocacy. Appointments/referrals can be made by email, phone or letter. Living Well Plans can be accessed through our website for people who wish to use this online.

Client groups

For people who live with dementia.

Area served


The page was last updated on 4 March 2019

Main address

Hi Point House
Thomas Street

Main telephone

03333 447928

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