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Service summary

Support for children, families and adults with experience of separation, divorce and domestic violence or sexual abuse. A referral form is available online. Splitz is a registered charity which covers the whole of Wiltshire.


Wiltshire Outreach Service: Through our outreach service we aim to help victims of domestic abuse overcome their difficulties and improve safety for them and their children. One to one support is provided at a safe place of your choosing and you have an option to attend group sessions. A named worker will help you identify your needs and support you through them.  The quickest way to make contact is by completing our online referral form. We will also accept referrals made by other agencies on your behalf.


Making Changes: Making Changes is a workshop for women who have experienced domestic abuse in the past or who are currently in an abusive relationship. The workshop provides an opportunity for women to come to terms with, and understand, their own lived experience; to overcome their personal challenges; to explore the impact domestic abuse can have on their lives and that of their children.

Groups run over 12 weekly sessions, each session lasting two and half hours. Groups usually meet in term time.


Buddy Scheme: The Buddy Scheme is a mentoring and befriending service which currently has a very experienced, full time project coordinator and 19 trained volunteer mentors (or buddies) who, after receiving full training from us, each support between one and three service users at any one time. 

They do this in the form of weekly, one to one visits in the service user’s home for around an hour. Usually these relationships last for around 4 – 5 months, but this is very much an average and we have relationships which can be a good deal longer or shorter.

Area served


The page was last updated on 16 August 2019

Main address

Splitz Support Service
Oak House
Epsom Square
BA14 0XG

Main telephone

01225 775276

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