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Service summary

The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust (WBVT) works in partnership with Wiltshire Police to provide a free home security service for elderly, vulnerable and disadvantaged people throughout Wiltshire. The charity funds the operation of three Bobby vans that provide mobile workshops for Security Operators. A team of Stay Safe Online Volunteers also offer advice on keeping safe online.

Eligibility for both services: anyone over 60 or 18+ registered disabled.

Service details

Security & Fire Prevention:  
Operators carry out around 1,350 tasks each year – comprising both home security visits and community talks. They deal with a diverse range of situations, including: comforting victims of distraction theft and burglary, fitting key safes to give carers access to homes and installing door chains and viewers, where possible, to empower the elderly against unwelcome callers.
Community talks and events allow operators to reach a larger number of people at once, and provide useful security advice and answer questions. People often self-refer at these events for a full home security check.
Working in partnership with Wiltshire Police means that they are also able to refer people within our charitable remit for our services. Wiltshire Police are trained to recognize situations where the WBVT could help and ensure that a referral is made for our services.
There is no charge for the service or equipment provided by the Trust, although the necessity of using a high quality key safe means these are expensive items for which we ask the cost to be covered.
The WBVT also works with Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service to improve fire safety awareness. When a Bobby Van operator visits a property he can undertake a full fire risk assessment and discuss fire safety with the occupants as well as fitting smoke detectors where appropriate. We also receive referrals for security visits from the Fire Service.

Stay Safe Online:
Computer fraud is the fastest growing crime in Wiltshire. Through raising awareness about computer fraud and what to do if you have concerns about online safety the WBVT aims to help reduce the risk of this type of crime.
The aim of our Stay Safe Online volunteers is to provide the community with the following:

  • Improve Digital/Cyber security awareness
  • Offer Cyber and Scam prevention advice
  • Signpost you to future advice and resources
  • Provide support and reassurance
  • Offer basic practical skills to enable checking and understanding privacy settings
The team are also available to give talks at community events.
Those who are eligible can refer themselves for a visit from one of our team of Stay Safe Online Volunteers.
The team will also be taking referrals from Wiltshire Police for those who have already encountered problems with online crime.

Area served

Wiltshire, Swindon

The page was last updated on 29 May 2019

Main address

Devizes Police Station
New Park Street
SN10 1DZ

Main telephone

01380 861155

Organisation email