Action on Hearing Loss - National Charity

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Service summary

It takes time to adapt to using hearing aids – getting used to new sounds as well as managing the hearing aids themselves. Our Hear to Help services enable people to make the most of their hearing aids and manage their hearing loss effectively.

Our Hear to Help staff and volunteers can provide support with the following:

  • tubing
  • minor repairs
  • ear mould cleaning and battery replacement 
  • training on maintenance of hearing aids 
  • advice and support on making the most of the hearing aids information and signposting to other services introduction to other useful equipment.

These services are provided in the community through a mix of home visits and drop-in services (hearing aid maintenance at our drop ins i.e. batteries and tubing are only available to Salisbury hospital audiology patients). All our services are delivered in partnership with and with the support of local hospital audiology departments.

Opening times

Where?       What Time?       When?       
Durrington Village Hall 10am - 11:30am           Last Wednesday of the month
(closed August and December) 

Mere Doctor's Surgery 10am - 11:30am First Thursday of the month
Gillingham Town Hall 10am - 12pm  First Tuesday of the month

Salisbury Library (upstairs in
the video library)

10am - 12pm Third Thursday of the month
Alderbury village hall

10am - 11:30am  Third Friday of the month
Three Swans Doctor's Surgery,
1:30pm - 2:30pm Second Wednesday of the month
Westminster Memorial Hospital,

10am - 12pm  First Friday of the month
Cherry Orchard Doctors Surgery,

11am - 12:45pm Second Friday of the month 
St Melor Doctors Surgery,

10am - 12pm  First Thursday of the month (closed annually in February)
Shrewton Methodist Church
10am - 12pm Second Thursday of the month 

The Old Orchid Surgery,
1:30pm - 3pm  Third Wednesday of the month

Downton Baptist Church Hall 10:00am - 12:00pm  First Thursday of the month

Area served



All these services are provided free of charge.

The page was last updated on 11 February 2019

Main address

1-3 Highbury Station Road
N1 1SE

Main telephone

0808 808 0123

Organisation email



Gill Drayson : Community Support Officer

Contact telephone

01722 580014