Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

Wiltshire's Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Service

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Service summary

Many people go through periods of difficulty in their lives, which can leave them feeling stressed, anxious, depressed and unable to cope.  

Wiltshire IAPT Service offers brief psychological therapy to help people with a variety of problems such as: 

  • Low mood/depression 
  • Post-natal anxiety/depression 
  •  Anxiety/panic
  •  PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
  •  Stress/Worry
  •  Social Anxiety
  •  Obsessions and compulsions
  •  Phobias


What is brief psychological therapy?

Brief psychological therapy is a short term intervention using a step by step approach rather than counselling. It has been proved to help with a variety of common mental health conditions. It involves working with a trained Psychology Practitioner, who will support you to: 

  • understand more about the difficulties you are having; 
  • learn to use some psychological techniques to tackle or cope with these difficulties

How does it work?

A number of options are available, depending on your needs

  • attending a psycho-educational courses
  • online resources
  • brief individual work

What is expected of me?

For brief psychological therapy to be effective, you will be required to 'opt in'. This means being actively involved in setting goals for yourself and practicing new strategies and techniques. 

Individual work

One to one appointments last about 45 minutes and usually take place in your local surgery. 

People often find that one or two individual sessions are enough. Your practitioner will discuss your ongoing needs with you. 

Psycho-education courses

A range of psycho-educational courses are offered in locations all over Wiltshire. These aim to increase your understanding and to develop strategies to manage your symptoms. 

Courses usually run once a week for four weeks, with each session lasting two hours. They are run in the daytime and evenings and some run for a whole day on a Saturday. 

Privacy and Confidentiality

Individual Sessions are held in confidence. The practitioner you see will record your attendance in your GP notes along with a brief note of your progress. For courses, we simply write to your GP saying which course you have attended.  

If we have any concerns about your safety or another person's safety, we have a duty to share information, but this will be discussed with you. 

Monitoring your progress

Before each session, we ask you to complete some questionnaires to monitor your progress and evaluate the service.  

If you provide your e-mail address, you can receive these in advance to complete online. 

Sometimes follow-up calls are made to monitor progress too. 

Client groups

Anyone dealing with low mood, depression, anxiety, panic, stress, worry, obsession, compulsion (OCD) Post natal anxiety or depression, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anger difficulties or social anxiety. 

Area served



If you have a GP in Wiltshire (outside of Swindon)

How to access the service

You can select a course and book directly to go on a psycho-educational course through the AWP website https://iapt-wilts.awp.nhs.uk/ or by phone to AWP's offices; 01380-731335

Or, if you wish to be seen for a one to one appointment to assess your needs, please telephone to speak to one of the team for an assessment. AWP ask that you make the call yourself so that you can confirm that you wish to opt in to the service. AWP's IAPT team are based in most GP surgeries in Wiltshire, so a first appointment can usually be offered in the GP practice where you are registered. 

The page was last updated on 30 July 2018

Main address

Green Lane Hospital
Marshall Road
SN10 5DS

Main telephone

01380 731335

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Contact telephone

01380 731335