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Service summary

Run by disabled people and existing to support disabled people achieve Independent Living, Wiltshire CIL provides support to Direct Payment Users in the form of: 

  • one to one advice
  • peer support - meeting other Direct Payment users, discussing support planning
  • online information and advice
  • Access to free payroll services and management of accounts
  • Regular Workshops on issues of concern to DP Users
  • Quarterly newsletter with updates on legal changes in Employment Law. 
  • Training for Employers/Personal Assistants
  • Online Personal Assistant Register

Wiltshire CIL also provides support to all disabled people in the form of: 

  • Campaigning and consultation nationally on Independent Living Issues
  • Information about changes to benefits and welfare reform
  • Workshops and meetings on relevant issues
  • Quarterly Newsletter on all aspects of Independent Living
  • Relevant research and Learning
  • Support to Self Funders.

Client groups

All disabled people n Wiltshire, including people with sensory and physical impairments, older people, people with learning difficulties and people who use mental health services.

Service details

Direct Payments and Personal Budget Support
Support Planning
Make Someone Welcome Campaign
Personal Budgets
Employing Staff
Online PA Register

Area served


The page was last updated on 4 January 2019

Main address

Wiltshire CIL
11 Couch Lane
SN10 1EB

Main telephone

0300 1233 442

Organisation email