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Service summary

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Advocacy is taking action to help people say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and to get the services they need.

If the advocate can't help, they may be able to find someone who can. The service is for people over the age of 18 and free for people who meet the criteria.

We provide:
Care Act Advocacy 

Wiltshire Social Services must instruct an advocate for people who have substantial difficulty in being involved in care and support processes and have no on appropriate to facilitate their involvement. A person could be undergoing: 

  • A needs assessment 
  • A carers assessment 
  • The preparation of a care and support plan or support plan 
  • Safeguarding enquiry or safeguarding adult review.

Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA)
The service provides an independent safeguard to support vulnerable people in Wiltshire who lack capacity to make certain decisions and have no appropriate person to consult with about those decisions. Local Authorities and NHS bodies have to instruct and consult and IMCA when making a decision for a person who lacks capacity regarding the following decisions: 

  • Serious medical treatment 
  • When the Local Authority is proposing to arrange accommodation for someone for longer than eight weeks
  • When the NHS body is proposing to arrange accommodation for someone for longer than 28 days

 Local Authorities may instruct an IMCA in cases of: 

  • Care Reviews (where accommodation is being reviewed 
  • Adult Safeguarding ( for individuals with or without friends and family)

Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA)
The service helps people in Wiltshire to understand their rights in relation to the Mental Health Act (MHA) and to make informed decisions Eligible individuals include those: 

  • Detained in hospital under the MHA 
  • Subject to a Guardianship Order or Community Treatment Order

Generic Advocacy
This is not a statutory service but relates to the provision of issue based advocacy. This service is for people over the age of 18 and free for people who meet the eligibility criteria.This could include issues relating to benefits,housing or finances.

Eligibility - Open to residents residing in the county of Wiltshire (excluding Swindon) or registered with a Wiltshire GP and meet the following criteria:

  • Have significant difficulty advocating for themselves and cannot do so without assistance
  • Are unable to advocate for themselves because, for example, a lack of capacity
  • Has no one willing who is an appropriate adult on their behalf
  • Who are 18 and over

Confidentiality - We believe in respecting and maintaining confidentiality.

We will not share personal information unless we have your permission or we have a duty of care. 

What to do if you need an advocate for any of our services

 You can telephone us and we will talk you through the process or e-mail us. 

 You can ask a friend or a professional to make a referral on your behalf if it is easier for you.

Area served


The page was last updated on 29 June 2018

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Unit 2, The Halve
BA14 8SA

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01225 774279

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Catherine Mercer : Service Manager

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