Wiltshire 24 hr Telecare & Home Visiting Service

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Service summary

Wiltshire Medical Services and Aster Living are working in Partnership to provide telecare services for people across Wiltshire.  

Living at home is a whole lot easier when you know that help is at hand, whenever you need it. We all value our independence and the telecare team can help you maintain your independence. 

Modern technology is used to keep you safe in your home, allowing you to remain independent for as long as possible. 


Service details

How does it work? 
A basic telecare package consists of a simple alarm unit. The alarm unit is a discreet box which works alongside your telephone. Whenever you need help you can press the pendant, which is worn around your neck or your wrists, to access care and support 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  When you call, we will automatically know who you are, where you live and who you would like us to contact in the event of an emergency. Our highly skilled call advisors based in Chippenham will ask you what the problem is and arrange the help that you need. This might involve providing simple reassurance, contacting one of your keyholders or sending one of your carers to your home to offer urgent support. 
What help is available in my own home?
In most cases, we will contact a carer or friend if you need help at home. However, sometimes ther eis no-one available or the situation is too difficult to cope with.  In these circumstances, we can send one of our highly trained responders who will visit you in your home if there is a need.  they can provide assistance and decide if further help is required.
What else is available? 
There are a range of additional sensors available that can help you to stay safe at home. These will automatically alert the monitoring centre if you have a problem without you having to do anything. There are a wide range of devices available - examples include sensors that can tell if you have fallen or if your house is flooding.  
We can also provide regular telephone contact for reassurance or to remind you to take your medication or to attend an appointment.  
For carers we provide an Emergency card service which provides peace of mind if you are unable to provide care for any reason. 

Further information

Wiltshire Medical Services, the sole provider of Out of Hours medical services in Wiltshire, is part of the medvivo group. http://www.medvivo.com

Aster Living employs more than 500 care and support staff who provide a wide range of services across Wiltshire.


Together the two organisations offer a complete telecare service which includes installation, monitoring, maintenance and response. 


Opening times

The telecare team are available 24 hours a day - everyday. 

The Social Care Response Service offers emergency home assistance. 

Area served


Mobile service

Mobile Service Available


There is a cost to this service

The page was last updated on 29 November 2016

Main address

All Wiltshire Towns

Main telephone

0333 400 8299

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