The Secret Garden - Salisbury

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Service summary

The Secret Garden is a project, aimed at bringing the magic & restorative power of nature in to the lives of the old and the young. From planting for bees to 'top tips' and apple trees; the old St Clements church yard is a perfect spot for re-creating something of the wonder captured in the story itself. 

Set in a space that has previously gone unnoticed. An ongoing people focused garden project, with a wildlife, arts & education twist!

Space hire for groups, educational, workshop leaders, artists, photographers, wedding photos, writers etc. Wildlife and outdoor workshops. Children's nature learning workshops. Foodie events. 'Open Sunday' drop in sessions for all. Wednesdays for volunteer garden team.

Service details

As a volunteer, you will be part of a great team, of friendly people who want to help wildlife and learn about plants as you go. You also have a chance to chat to our team archaeologists who are often in the garden documenting and researching the history of the church yard – St Clements. 
We also do team discovery walks once a month in good weather, where we meet up to visit a beauty spot in the local area to walk and generally discover everything from wild flowers to old architecture! 
We hope that by being with our team, you will develop a really confident understanding of the diverse world of wildlife and some ways to look after and protect it. And an enjoyment and satisfaction of being outside with like minded people in a quiet, tranquil, slow moving space. Many of our volunteers have found that being part of this team can also really help with building confidence again, perhaps after a difficult life event or change of direction in the work place.

Area served

Wiltshire, Salisbury


There are many roles that can be filled from admin, to sit down tasks such as plant label making or potting on. We also have an access gate that is available to anyone with mobility needs.


This group is part of the #MakeSomeoneWelcome campaign run by Wiltshire CIL to ensure disabled and older people are at the heart of Wiltshire Communities.

Groups like this one have:

  • publicly signed up to the Make Someone Welcome campaign with a commitment to welcome disabled and older people (via Twitter #MakeSomeoneWelcome or by calling Wiltshire CIL Office).
  • always got someone in their group who is prepared to act as a 'meet and greeter' for new members.

Wiltshire CIL have:

  • offered this group training, giving them skills and understanding to welcome anybody and everybody.
  • helped the group identify people in their community and encouraged them to become active members.
  • helped advertise the group in the Wiltshire CIL newsletter to over 2000 people
  • worked on opportunities to link this group with other groups who have signed up to the campaign, to promote their work locally and work on strategies to attract disabled and older people.

If you would like to tell us your story about how this group welcomed you, let us know or talk to Abbie or Matt at Wiltshire at CIL on 0300 1233442 .

The page was last updated on 3 April 2019

Main address

St Clements churchyard
Mill Road