Trowbridge Park Fitness Group

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Service summary

Friendly group Circuit-based class led by Level 3 Personal Trainer 

Aim to make exercise enjoyable! Improve your health, strength and fitness 

Suitable for all levels including complete beginners

Service details

Here's an insight into what some of the sessions might involve over a typical 4 week month... 
 Week 1: Balance and Coordination Training + Heavy Breathing Circuit - This session will make you aware of muscles you never knew you had! Through a range of interesting exercises we will help you to stabilise these muscles to make everyday tasks feel easy. You will then complete a heavy breathing circuit which you will certainly feel the next day! 
 Week 2: Endurance Training - This session will incorporate the traditional training methods of cardio with some new ideas. From circuits, to steps and even obstacle courses - we try to use our imagination to think of fun ways to get fit. This session is a hard one but one that will give you a great sense of accomplishment. 
 Week 3: Strength and Power Training - This session will help you to increase strength and power capabilities. You might be thinking... "Why do I need this?"... but you'd be surprised how many of the everyday tasks that you complete day in day out utilise your strength/power systems. Lifting those laundry baskets up the stairs will feel so easy! You may have jelly legs and arms for the next few days though! 
 Week 4: Total Conditioning + Challenges - This session will aim to combine aspects of the past 3 weeks in an enjoyable game which will be sure to bring out your competitive side. The game will then be followed by a series of challenges for you to really test yourself - see if you've improved on your scores set 4 weeks ago!

Further information

Cost £3 per session

Opening times

Wednesdays 18.00- 19.00

Area served


The page was last updated on 7 October 2019

Main address

Trowbridge Park
St. Stephens Place
BA14 7EH

Main telephone

07972 107969

Organisation email



David King