Shared Lives (Adult Placement)

About this service

The Shared Lives Service arranges placements providing accommodation, care and support to people unable to live independently and who would like to live alongside a family. These arrangements are created in the homes of Shared Lives carers to help people feel included and valued as a citizen of the community. They are often long-term arrangements, but can be short-term or respite. This can provide a break for families, or be used as a stepping stone for someone returning to the community after being in hospital or from another setting.

Some Shared Lives carers also provide day time support within their homes.

People using the Shared Lives Service have wide ranging abilities and support needs. Some are fairly independent and only need guidance, reminders or prompts; others need assistance with most day-to-day activities, which often includes making choices and decisions, as well as help with physical tasks.


Shared Lives Team role

Once Shared Lives carers are recruited and assessed, we liaise with social work teams to match a person in need with them. We provide support and advice to the Shared Lives carers and continue to monitor the quality of the service being provided by them to people placed.


How can I access the service?

A needs assessment is required to ensure that a person’s care or support needs are suitably matched with a Shared Lives carer and that the person is eligible for a service through the council. To find out more about eligibility go to the national eligibility criteria page.


Request an Assessment

To request an assessment please talk to the Advice and Contact Team

A further financial assessment is made by the council to assess how much each person is able to contribute towards the cost of their care and support needs in the placement.


Who should I contact for more information?

Wiltshire Council Shared Lives Service on:
Tel: 01722 438196 or 01380 826451

Read more about Shared Lives at

Reviewed 23rd May 2018; Updated 23rd May 2018