Care and Support Accreditation

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Senior lady with carerThis page contains information on Care and Support Accreditation in Wiltshire

What is the Care and Support Accreditation?

The Care and Support Accreditation is a list of providers that Wiltshire Council has checked to make sure that they can provide good quality services in Wiltshire that are value for money. All Providers on the scheme have gone through a full accreditation process evidencing their skills, knowledge and experience.

Wiltshire Council will expect its providers to be the expert in the service they offer, being aware of all relevant national policy and legislation and ensuring they are able to demonstrate this clearly not only in their procedures and information, but in the delivery on a day to day basis.

The new Accreditation Scheme will promote a “wrap around” service which enables customers to live independently in their family homes, or in a tenancy or with other customers in a supported living arrangement.

Who can use it?

This service is mainly for people with disabilities who are aged 18 years or over but will include some young people (16+) in transition to adulthood who require a specialist service to meet their needs. This service is not intended to support people whose needs could be met through Wiltshire Council’s Help to Live at Home service.

Eligibility will be based upon a holistic assessment of an individual’s need as carried out by our adult social care team. Most customers will be 18 years of age and older. On occasion, some will be 16 or 17 years old who may also have additional difficulties and a range of support needs. This may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • people with complex health and support needs
  • people whose behaviour presents a challenge to service
  • people with physical disabilities
  • people with autism
  • people with Asperger’s syndrome
  • people with complex communication needs
  • people with mental health needs
  • people with/or who may develop dementia

Following a care manager’s assessment of need, it will be at this point a decision will be made as to whether the use of a specialist service is required or not.

How does it work?

When the providers applied to join the accreditation scheme they told us which category of customer they wanted to work with.

There are 4 categories in this Accreditation Scheme People with learning disabilities:

A.People with learning disabilities

B.People with learning disabilities who have additional, complex needs, mental health needs, including behaviours which may be challenging or dementia

C.People with physical disabilities and complex health needs.

D.People with learning disabilities and/or autistic spectrum conditions

How do we choose a provider?

Wiltshire Council will commission services from Service Providers that work in the following way:

  • are committed to achieving quality and outcomes that matter to our customers
  • ensure that Person Centred Approaches are embedded in their approach to delivering support services
  • who recruit and develop a skilled and trained workforce
  • develop their services for customers who want to direct and/or purchase their own support
  • who provide good quality services that offer choice and control, flexibility, and best value for customers.

To ensure we are legally compliant with procurement regulations we must obtain a minimum of 3 quotes and Providers must be offered equal opportunities to quote for work in the categories that they were successful in. By going to the lowest 3 maximum priced providers in any area. The Invitation to Quote (ITQ) process ensures this happens, it is not about gathering provider leaflets, but so they can demonstrate their understanding of the outcomes required for each customer and the Council evaluates them and makes a decision based on “best value”.

The Council has a responsibility to ensure providers are of a good quality and have processes and systems in place to safeguard individuals. It is important that staff who are placing customers, use this Accreditation Scheme for setting up all care & support related services for adults with a learning disability, unless there are very clear, formally recorded reasons for not doing this. If the staff placing the customer fail to use an accredited organisation from this scheme there is no guarantee that the provider being used has gone through any form of quality or reference check and this could seriously place the customer at risk.

Further information

For an up to date list of Accredited Providers, or for further information about the Care and Support Accreditation Scheme please contact the Specialist Disability Contracts and Commissioning team on: 0300 456 0111 or email:

Reviewed March 2018; Awaiting update