Care and Support Accreditation Easy Read

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What is the Care and Support Accreditation?
checklist   The Care and Support Accreditation is a list of providers that Wiltshire Council has checked to make sure that they can provide good quality services in Wiltshire that are value for money.
questionmark and tick   All Providers on the scheme have gone through a process to prove that they have the skills, knowledge and experience to work with people with disabilities.
Who can use it?
person transitioning to an adult   This service is mainly for people with disabilities who are aged 18 years or over but will include some young people (16+) in transition to adulthood who require a specialist service to meet their needs.
home   This service is not intended to support people whose needs could be met through Wiltshire Council’s Help to Live at Home service.
assessment   People will be assessed by the adult social care team
Group of people   Most customers will be 18 years of age or older. Sometimes they might be 16 – 17 with a range of support needs.
How does it work?
person choosing   When the providers applied to join the accreditation scheme they told us which category of customer they wanted to work with.
selections in clouds   There are 4 categories in this Accreditation Scheme which are:
A   A. People with learning disabilities
B   B. People with learning disabilities who have additional, complex needs, mental health needs, including behaviours which may be challenging or dementia
C   C. People with physical disabilities and complex health needs.
D   D. People with learning disabilities and/or autistic spectrum conditions
How do we choose a provider?
tick   Wiltshire Council will buy services from Providers that have done everything we asked them to do to become accredited.
presentation   To make sure we follow a legal process we must ask for 3 quotes from the providers who can work in the correct groups. This is based on the customer categories they applied to be part of.
money   We will ask providers to show us that they understand the outcomes required for each customer and that the Council receives quotes that offer best value for money.
tick and 2 people shaking hands   Once we have checked the quotes that we are sent, the best provider will be offered the work.
Further information
information logo   If you would like a list of Accredited Providers or more details about the Care and Support Accreditation Scheme please contact the Specialist Disability Commissioning team on: 0300 456 0111 or email: