Breaks for carers

This section contains the following information and resources for booking carer breaks:

Having a break is likely to help you cope with caring and give you necessary time for yourself and to recharge your batteries. You may want a break so that you can follow your own interests or catchup with family or friends. You may want to plan a longer break to allow you to go on holiday. The person you care for may benefit from a break too, for example by getting out of the house, meeting people or taking part in interesting activities.

Dependent on your eligibility and assessed needs you may be entitled to a carers direct payment to employ someone to look after the person you care for to give you a break. See our benefits, managing money and paying for care page for more information.



Respite can take various forms to meet different needs and preferences. It is provided after an assessment of your needs for a break and also an assessment of the person you care for. Respite care can be:

  • Residential care or care athome for a week or longer to enable you to go away on holiday or have a long rest.
  • Care at a day centre, daycare resource or a care home for a day to give you a break for a day or more than a week.
  • Care by a trained person for a few hours in your home to give you a short break.
  • A variety of help for the person you care for.

There are other services which can help the person you care for with social activities of their choice such as going shopping or to the cinema. These services are provided by a range of organisations and can be one-off or on a regular basis. If the person you care for can pay for the complete cost of respite care you may decide to make your own arrangements.

It is a good idea to ensure that the person you care for has an assessment of their needs, even if they are paying for the care themselves. You will then have a clearer idea about the kind of care they need. You can arrange an assessment by calling Customer Advisers on 0300 456 0111.

You can find information on respite/care providers on our useful links page.


Breaks for adult carers

Carer Support Wiltshire (opens in new window)

Carer Support Wiltshire can help you access breaks and activities such as:

  • Complementary Therapy sessions
  • Outings
  • Support groups
  • Carers cafes
  • Training

Please check the latest Carer Support Wiltshire What’s On guide for more information, or visit their website.

They can also help you access a grant through their Time for Carers scheme and support for the person you care for so you can have a break. You can access information on respite and care providers on our useful links page.


Alzheimer's organisations

Alzheimer's Support Wiltshire are contracted to provide community services to people with dementia in Wiltshire. These services include support at home, Dementia Advisors, Day Care, Activities, Carer support groups and Wellbeing groups.  These services are available to everybody.  

Alzheimers Support Wiltshire
Head office in Trowbridge - open for information and advice every weekday from 8am to 4pm.
Park House
1 Park Road
BA14 8AQ

Devizes office - open for information and advice every weekday morning
5 Sidmouth Street
SN10 1LD
Tel: 01380 739055

Alzheimer's Society - Salisbury
29a Brown Street
Tel: 01722 326236

Alzheimer's Society - Chippenham
15 Forest Gate
SN15 3RS
Tel: 01249 443469


Breaks for young carers

You can find more information on the help and support available to you, including how to get a break, on our young carers page.

Community First also provide activity breaks for young carers. Information can be found on the Community First website.

Breaks for parent carers

The Wiltshire Short Breaks Local Offer is available to parent carers and carers of young people with additional needs who meet the eligibility criteria. You can find more information on the Wiltshire Parent Carer Council website or you can contact them on 01225 764647 or via email at

Page updated 3rd April 2018