Carers Emergency Card

Adult Care are changing their main database at the beginning of November. Unfortunately this means that all online forms will be suspended from 5pm Thursday 17th October. You can email Advice and Contact or phone us on 0300 456 0111. We are sorry for any inconvenience and are working to get the process up and running in the new system on November 4th

The Carers Emergency Card is a scheme set up to give carers peace of mind by ensuring that the people they care for will continue to receive the care they need if the carer is unable to provide it due to an emergency.

A card is issued to the carer with the contact number of a 24/7 call centre and a PIN number which is unique to that carer.

Anyone can call that number and inform the emergency response team that alternative care is required for the cared for person.

A Carers Emergency Card also gives the carer the opportunity to outline their preferences for alternative care for the person they care for.

How to register for a Carers Emergency Card.

Using the internet

From November 4th 2019, you can register for the carers emergency card online.

You will need to discuss this form with the person you care for and with any alternative carers and key holders you nominate. You can save this form and return to it at a later date if you need to.

Data Privacy and protection

Completing this form confirms you agree to the Adult Social Care Information Notice and the Adult Social Care Privacy Notice

Using the telephone, paper and pen

You can register for the Carers Emergency Card by filling in a paper form. 

  1. Contact Carer Support Wiltshire on 0800 066 5068
  2. Request a paper copy of the Carers Emergency Card form to be sent to you.
  3. Wait for the paper form in the post
  4. Fill in the form.
  5. Post it back to Carers Support Wiltshire using the address that comes in the pack.

More information about support and help for Carers in Wiltshire is on the Carers Menu.