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What is it?

Community Transport is the name given to any type of transport run on a not-for-profit basis, to assist people who cannot access private or public transport for any reason.

There might be a variety of reasons why people use Community Transport such as:

  • Lack of available transport
  • Cost
  • Mobility reasons
  • Health reasons

Community Transport mobilises and engages local communities, and in Wiltshire it is provided by charities and voluntary organisations (which are often very small, local and volunteer-run).

In Wiltshire, Community Transport schemes take children to school, sick people to healthcare and older and disabled people to the shops. It also runs local bus routes and provides transport for a wide range of clubs, community organisations and care homes.

In addition the people that use Community Transport locally often help to shape the services they want.

In Wiltshire there are a variety of Community Transport schemes including:

  • Community Minibus/MPV schemes
  • Link schemes (volunteer car schemes)
  • Shop mobility schemes
  • Social car schemes

How do I access it?

Each Community Transport scheme is different. Some cater for the general public, whilst others only cater for individuals who do not have or cannot access alternative means of transport. Most Community Transport schemes in Wiltshire can also carry groups of passengers – i.e. either community groups or private hire groups. Each Community Transport scheme in Wiltshire is different and will have different rules about who they can or cannot carry. Please contact your local Community Transport scheme for more information (please see ‘What community transport is available in Wiltshire?’)

Will I be charged?

Yes although for individual passengers, most Community Minibus schemes accept bus passes and most Link (volunteer car) schemes operate on a donations basis.

Community Minibus schemes who cater for groups normally charge on a per mile basis. Please contact your local Community Transport scheme for more information.

What community transport is available in Wiltshire?

A list of community transport schemes can be found in our Service Directory

More information is available on the following website: or via the following telephone numbers: (01380) 732816 / (01380) 732817 / (01380) 732824