Planning for an emergency

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Senior man in wheelchair with woman carrying shopping This section contains the following information and services to support carers in planning for emergencies:


Keeping carers and the people they care for safe

Carers can experience abuse from the person they care for or their emotional and physical wellbeing can be affected as a direct result of their caring role. The risk of this increases when the cared for person:

  • Has needs that exceed the carer’s ability
  • Does not consider the needs of the carer
  • Treats the carer with a lack of respect and courtesy
  • Rejects help and support from outside the home
  • Refuses to be left alone
  • Is angry about their situation
  • Has sought help but did not meet the criteria
  • Doesn’t understand their actions/impact

There is also the risk of abuse to the cared for person by the carer, which is often unintentional. This may arise due to the pressure of the caring role through tiredness, illness, capacity or lack of information on how to care. If you think someone is abusing you or the person you care for then it is very important that you tell someone as soon as possible, even if you are caring for a child or young person. If the person you care for has aggressive behaviour towards you, you should seek help as soon as possible.

Likewise, if you feel that you are under great strain or stress and are becoming worried that as a result you may hurt the person you care for; seek assistance as soon as possible. This should be someone you trust such as your doctor, a social worker, the police or an organisation that supports you. If nothing happens after this then it is important that you tell someone different.

Wiltshire Council has the statutory responsibility for keeping people safe in Wiltshire and has a safeguarding team you can refer to for advice. It is essential that any allegation of abuse is taken seriously however insignificant it may seem at the time. You can contact the Wiltshire Council adult social care team on 0300 456 0111 or by sending an email to If you need help out of hours you can contact the emergency duty service on 0300 456 0100. You can also contact the Wiltshire Police safeguarding adults team on 01380 734212.

If you are a young carer or are worried about a young carer you should contact the children's services multi agency safeguarding hub (MASH) on 0300 4560108 or, if you need help out of hours contact the emergency duty service on 0300 456 0100. If there is an immediate danger or a child is injured, phone 999. You can find more information on what to do on the young carer page.


Carers emergency card

The carers emergency card is a scheme set up to give carers peace of mind by ensuring that the people they care for will continue to receive the care they need if the carer is unable to provide it due to an emergency. A card is issued to the carer with the contact number of a 24/7 call centre and a PIN number which is unique to that carer. Anyone can call that number and inform the emergency response team that alternative care is required for the cared for person. It also gives the carer the opportunity to outline their preferences for alternative care for the person they care for.

You register for the carers emergency card online here with an online form or you can contact Carer Support Wiltshire on 0800 066 5068 for more information or to request a paper copy of the form.



A telecare personal alarm is a small base unit that’s connected to your landline and a power socket. The base unit will receive signals from personal sensors, worn around the neck or wrist, and from other sensors positioned around the home. The range of other sensors available can monitor environmental risks around the home including smoke, floods and gas. These sensors operate along with the alarm unit to send an alert to a call centre which will arrange an appropriate response. This may be to contact a carer or other family member or to contact emergency services.

Mediquip provide telecare equipment throughout Wiltshire from their depot in Calne. If you would like more information on telecare and how to get it you can contact Mediquip on 01249 815052. The telecare call centre and response service is operated by Medvivo. For more information see the Medivo website or call them on 0800 6444 200.


Dorset and Wiltshire Fire& Rescue Service

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire& Rescue Service offers a free home fire safety advice service, including the supply and fitting of smoke alarms.


Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust


The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust provides a courtesy home security service for older, vulnerable people in Wiltshire, which includes advice and practical help with security and supply and fitting of a key safe.

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