Wiltshire Council's Employment and Community Skills Team

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Wiltshire Council's Employment and Community Skills Team is made up of four services, WEST, Community Connecting, Supported Internships and Travel Training.  


WEST - Wiltshire Employment Support Team

Assisting customers to find and sustain varying levels of paid employment with local employers. To do this we look at what types of work would suit their skills and experience. We then aim to match individual skills to available jobs including apprenticeships.

Community Connecting

The Community Connecting team assists customers to find out more about their local community and how they can access some of the following.

  • Finding voluntary work
  • Socialising
  • Meeting friends
  • Joining a club
  • Going to college
  • Using community facilities to do things that they enjoy
  • Meeting friends
  • Travel training

We provide a time limited service, aiming to work with the customer so they are able to find, take part in their chosen activity, and do this independently.

Supported Internships

The Wiltshire Supported Internship Programme (WSI) is a study programme delivered by Wiltshire College, in partnership with Wiltshire Council. Supported Internships are individualised Study Programmes designed to equip students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities with the skills they need to secure paid employment. WSI should fit into a young person's long term career aspirations and working capabilities.  Progression onto WSI will have been a topic of conversation at  a young person's annual review meeting.  

For the employer, the internship must meet a real business need and provide the potential of a paid job by the end of the Study Programme, should the intern meet the required standard. 

The structured study Programme includes

  • Functional Skills (English and Maths)
  • Preparation for Work
  • On the job training and support for both the intern and the employer

An experienced Inclusive Learning Facilitator and experienced Job Coach will work closely together to facilitate learning and personal development.

Travel Training

Travel training has been successfully delivered by teams in Employment and Community Skills (ECS) since 2005. The benefits of independent travel expand your options and broaden your choices. It helps you  access the wider community e.g. school, college, work, volunteering etc. Travel Training can help you increase your social involvement and meet up with relatives and friends. 

Reviewed 28th February 2018; Updated 28th February 2018