Home assessment

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Home assessmentAn assessment is a series of questions that helps decide the best way of determining someone's social care needs. This page contains information on:


Assessments for carers and service users

Carers can ask for their own separate assessment. This assessment will decide what kind of help you or your carer need and whether your needs can be provided by existing community services, by social care and health or an independent provider. Advice can be given about other organisationsthat might be able to help you.

Assessment of needs is a process carried out with a person, whereby their actual or potential needs and related matters are identified, their impact on independence, daily functioning and quality of life is evaluated, so that appropriate action can be planned.

When you enquire about receiving our support, we discuss with you what options are available and agree the best course of action in your particular situation. This may be giving you information or advice or arranging for an assessment of your needs.

This means that we talk to you to find out more about your situation and care needs. You might be asked for example about what everyday things you can do for yourself, and what you need help with. Whether you can get our help, and the type of support we can arrange, depends on your needs and eligibility to receive services.

We have a duty to assess people who either appear to have an illness or be disabled and who may benefit from community care services. Carers also have a right to an assessment where they provide 'substantial and regular' care to the person that they care for.

We recognise that many people only want information and advice from us, preferring to make arrangements for their own care. In these circumstances you can always come back to us at a later stage if you feel you need further help or an assessment of your needs.



There are more details about eligibility for our services below. Our services cover:

  • Social work
  • Occupational therapy
  • Hospital social work
  • Domiciliary care
  • Direct payments
  • Intermediate care
  • Care home placements
  • Day services
  • Access to training and work
  • Equipment provision
  • Luncheon clubs

You are normally eligible for an assessment if you have a physical impairment, a sensory loss, a terminal illness, are developing confusion/dementia, are frail, are vulnerable to the risk of neglect or abuse, have a learning disability, have a severe mental illness, oryouare a carer.

If you would like more information about an assessment of need and to find out whether you would be eligible for the service, please email the Social Care Helpdesk. [customeradvisors@wiltshire.gov.uk] or by ringing 0300 456 0111.