Tips to improve mental wellbeing

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Mental health tips

Everyone can feel low, anxious or unable to cope from time to time. They're all normal responses to life's challenges. Organisations across Wiltshire have worked in partnership to develop a leaflet to raise awareness of the manageable and practical things people can do to lead a healthier, happier life.

It is structured around ten simple ways to improve wellbeing by making small, achievable lifestyle changes. It includes suggestions for some of the many groups and activities that people can take part in across Wiltshire that can help to improve wellbeing.

Top tips

Here are the simple suggestions to help you improve your mental wellbeing:

  • Connect – spending time with family and friends can make a huge difference.
  • Be active – Exercising makes you feel good about yourself
  • Take notice – Looking around you will help you appreciate what matters to you
  • Keep learning – Learning new things will make you more confident as well as being fun
  • Give – Seeing yourself linked to the wider community can be incredibly rewarding
  • Eat well and drink wisely – what you eat and drink can have a real influence on your mood
  • Manage your money – Getting your finances in order can help you feel more positive
  • Get help with housing – Sorting ouit problems with your housing will help you feel less stressed
  • Sort issues at work – One in five people suffer from work related stress
  • Talk – If you feel under pressure, take time to talk to someone

For more information about these tips, mental health leaflet. The partners involved in this project include Wiltshire Money, Wiltshire Council, NHS Wiltshire, Citizens Advice Bureau, Wiltshire College and the Wiltshire Voluntary Sector Mental Health Forum.