Choosing residential or nursing home care

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Choosing residential or home care providersIf you have been finding it difficult to manage at home, before you consider moving into a care home, you should first contact the Council’s Adult Social Care service customer advisors. Find out more about:

Customer advisors will listen to you and may be able to suggest other options which, if put in place for you, may help you decide that remaining at home with some additional support is best for you. This might include a move to more suitable accommodation such as:

  • sheltered housing
  • extra care housing
  • the provision of care at home
  • a service called “Telecare” which can help you remain independent and supported at home.

However if residential care feels like it is the only option, it is important to get the right advice and information before you start looking for the right home. This can apply whether you are asking for the Council to fund your care or whether you have the ability to fund/ pay for the residential care yourself.


Types of care home

There are two main types of care home, although some provide both residential and nursing care:

  • Residential care homes - Provide intensive support and help with personal care and hygiene for people who cannot manage this on their own or with minimal support. Such homes will provide an individual room and shared facilities (such as lounges, dining facilities and bathrooms). Generally residential care is used by people who are fairly dependent and need help with the majority of daily living tasks
  • Nursing care homes - Provide care for people with complex needs who require the skills of a qualified nurse. They are required by law to have a qualified nurse on duty 24 hours a day. Generally nursing home care is used by people who are extremely dependent and as well as help and support with all daily living tasks, need regular nursing care and monitoring, which could not be provided by a community nursing service (such as nursing care during the night time)


Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Residential care homes and nursing homes are registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission. CQC can provide you with inspection reports on care homes. You can contact them on 0300 061 6161 or search for reports via their website.

CQC have produced guidance on what to expect from a good care home(this takes you to the CQC website)

The CQC have produced a short video about how the CQC can help you choose the right care


For additional information about the range of care services available in Wiltshire, please see the Wiltshire Adult Care and Support Guide available online at the Care Choices website.

Page updated 19th February 2018