Occupational therapy

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Occupational therapyThis page contains information on Occupational Therapists in Wiltshire:

Occupational Therapy

Wiltshire Council employs Occupational Therapists to carry out specialist assessments with people who have physical disabilities, and to arrange for the provision of appropriate services to meet their needs. To practice, Occupational Therapists have to hold a recognised qualification, and must be registered with the Health Professions Council.

Occupational Therapists are based within all the localities across Wiltshire. The assessments that they carry out consider the practical difficulties that a disabled person might face in getting around their home and carrying out daily living tasks and personal care. The types of solutions that they may be able to offer include:

  • Providing simple equipment, such as a bath seat
  • Providing complex equipment, such as a hoist
  • Providing simple adaptations, such as a grab rail or a ramp
  • Recommending the installation of a stairlift
  • Recommending major adaptations, such as a shower room
  • Facilitating a move to a more suitable property
  • Finding alternative ways of doing everyday tasks

Other staff also carry out assessments and provide equipment and adaptations, but these will usually receive specialist supervision and consultation from a qualified Occupational Therapist. Specialist Housing Occupational Therapists are employed in some parts of the County to assist in dealing with larger home adaptations and to help people who need to transfer to a more suitable property. The Wiltshire Council's Fair Access to Care Services Criteria apply to all work carried out by Occupational Therapists.

Return Equipment for Daily Living

If you have an item of equipment for daily living which you no longer require please contact 01249 815052 between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday to arrange collection. Collection will normally be within 10 working days but if you require a quicker response time please state this when requesting collection.