An overview of social care in Wiltshire

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“Our overriding vision is for care to be as close to home as possible, with home always as the first option” - Better Care Plan 2014

Social care services can appear complicated and confusing, Wiltshire Council is working to ensure that the system is simplified and people are able to get the right information and appropriate support services as and when they need it. This page provides an overview of social care in Wiltshire and how Wiltshire Council delivers social care in your area.


Giving you information to help you gain access to care and support

Any adult living in Wiltshire or thinking about moving to the area, including family and friends, can come to us to find out how social care and other services could help. We provide guidance and information to help you find the support you need as easily as possible.

We have information on a wide variety of local care and community support services and will look at how these local services may help you before considering other options.

We will treat you as an individual by offering services focused on your particular needs. All our services are aimed at helping you to live your life as independently as possible.

You can telephone Adult Social Care to speak to a Customer Advisor on: 0300 456 0111


Assessment - working out what you need

If you think you need help to manage your daily life you should ask for an assessment. An assessment is when adult social care staff discuss your needs with you in more detail.

If you look after an adult you can also ask for a carer’s assessment to look at your own needs, to help you continue caring for that person.

After your assessment we will work with you to understand how your needs can be met. If you would like to read more about assessments please click the following links:

Helping you quickly

Our aim is to help you regain your independence as quickly as possible. If we assess you as having needs that require social care support we can put in place a period of initial support, aimed at helping you to maintain your independence and stay in your own home. This will give you time to work out what support you may require in the longer term. We will always try to support you in your own home, but sometimes this may not be possible.


Working out your financial contribution

We can arrange to visit you and carry out a financial assessment that will determine how much you may be asked to pay towards your care and support needs. This service will also help you to find out if you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to. For more information about paying for care and how your contribution will be calculated please visit the Paying for Care section of this website.

Support planning – working out how to meet your needs

A support plan tells us how you will meet your needs safely, in the way that suits you best and how much it will cost.

Based on your assessment, we will talk to you about how you can be helped to create your own support plan and access the care and support required.

Care and support services

We will discuss with you the available options for meeting your care and support needs. There are a variety of services that the council can support you to access that deliver care and support to people who have assessed needs, or are carers. You can learn more about the services available in Wiltshire by visiting the Service Directory.

You can choose to have support arranged directly by the council or alternatively you may wish to arrange this support yourself.

We will discuss with you if your support plan and the cost of the support plan is reasonable. Reasonableness is based on a balance of:

  • How effective a support plan will be
  • How cost effective the support plan will be based on the support options available
  • The level and complexity of need a person has
  • The long term cost of a support plan based on whether the support will help a person achieve the outcomes agreed in their assessment

We will not make long term decisions about support at the beginning, but try to support people through immediate problems before looking at what is required in the longer term.

All support will be based on the outcomes identified in your assessment. If you have a support plan funded by the council, we will review this with you to ensure you are continually supported in the way you want.


Supporting you in your own home

We will always try to support you in your own home, but sometimes people have to move to more suitable accommodation to continue to live independently. We will try to ensure there is always a range of accommodation, including sheltered and extra care housing, available that allows people to be supported in their own home.

Personal Budgets

Everyone who has care and support funded by the council is given a personal budget. The support plan and the cost of that support helps us to work out the value of a personal budget. To learn more about personal budgets, including the rates Wiltshire uses to calculate personal budgets, please look at the personal budgets in Wiltshire page first, then contact us if you have other questions:

Tel: 0300 456 0111


Keeping adults safe from harm

The Council has a duty to protect vulnerable adults from abuse. Abuse can happen anywhere and can vary from treating someone in a disrespectful way which significantly affects their quality of life, to financial abuse and causing actual physical suffering. We are committed to preventing the abuse of adults and responding promptly when abuse is suspected. For more information on this please visit our Safeguarding section.


Responding when things go wrong

We need to know whether our services are meeting your needs and being delivered effectively. If things go wrong we want to hear from you so we can look at how we can put things right and improve. We believe that people should feel able to complain, without worrying about being treated differently as a result.

We hope that issues can be resolved quickly and locally whenever possible. If not we have a complaints procedure to provide an efficient and helpful response to you.