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What is a Review?

It is important that people who receive care and support have regular opportunities to reflect with service providers, carers and the Council on what’s working well and what’s not working well within their support plan. Reviews or re-assessments will vary based on the type and level of support you are receiving and your specific circumstances. As a minimum there will be an opportunity to review your progress against the goals in your support plan. Reviews can be completed by the Council, organisations providing support services or the person who needs the care and support services.

Wiltshire Council is working hard to ensure we have the ability to allow people to review their own support plans through this website and other means.

What will happen?

At the review, the reviewer will work with you to identify how your care and support plan is helping you to reach your goals (outcomes). This may lead to a re-assessment if it becomes apparent that your needs may have changed during the period of the support plan under review. In many instances the review and re-assessment will be completed simultaneously as needs and support plans are intrinsically linked. However, there will be times when it will be appropriate to review a support plan without re-assessing your needs.

Reviews will vary based on the situation however will generally consider:

  • Has the person’s circumstances and/or care and support or support needs changed?
  • What is working in the plan, what is not working, and what might need to change?
  • Have the outcomes identified in the plan been achieved or not?
  • Does the person have new outcomes they want to meet?
  • Could improvements be made to achieve better outcomes?
  • Is the person’s personal budget enabling them to meet their needs and outcomes?
  • Is the current method of managing it still appropriate, considering what they want to achieve, e.g. Should direct payments be considered?
  • Is the personal budget still meeting the sufficiency test?
  • Are there any changes in the person’s informal and community support networks which might impact negatively or positively on the plan?
  • Have there been any changes to the person’s needs or circumstances which might mean they are at risk of abuse or neglect?


How often will my care package be reviewed?

Reviews do not have to be formal or even scheduled. All support plans will be informally reviewed on a continual basis and changes may be made to your package to ensure it continues to meet your needs in the way that you choose.

Reviews can be:

  • A planned review (the date for which was set with the individual during care and support or support planning, or through general monitoring)
  • An unplanned review (which results from a change in needs or circumstance that the local authority becomes aware of, e.g. a fall or hospital admission)
  • A requested review (where the person with the care and support or support plan, or their carer, family member, advocate or other interested party makes a request that a review is conducted. This may also be as the result of a change in needs or circumstances).

What should I do if I want a review of my support plan?

If you would like your care and support reviewed you should contact your support provider or Contact Wiltshire Council on:

Tel: 0300 456 0111