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As a blind or partially sighted person you may be worried that you will be unable to find work or stay in your current job, however there is help and support available from various other voluntary organisations and the government.

Blind or partially sighted people should not be excluded from employment – nor should sight loss equal job loss. Advances in technology mean that blind and partially sighted people can now overcome many of the barriers to work that they faced in the past, and government schemes like Access to Work mean that many of the costs can be met.

Here are ten advice and support organisations who can help you find employment, or stay in work:



Action / RNIB Employment Services

On 1 April 2017, Action for Blind People merged with RNIB. This allows us to help more blind and partially sighted people by combining our services, knowledge and expertise within one charity. Action’s vital work will continue through RNIB. We can provide specialist support and advice to help you prepare for employment, where to look, applying and interview techniques.  We can also give advice on starting your own business and staying in work if you are losing your sight.

Contact details:

Telephone: RNIB Employment Line: 0800 440 255.

Email: employmentline@rnib.org.uk.

Website: www.rnib.org.uk/information-everyday-living/work-and-employment.



Hearing and Vision Team

A specialist team that provides a range of services if you are blind, have limited or impaired sight, are deaf or have an acquired hearing loss or are deafblind. If you are experiencing problems with day to day living such as using a telephone, preparing meals or getting out into the community, we can help you. Other services include information and advice, as well as minor equipment to help you manage better at home. Mobility skills training, how to manage with sight loss.

Blind or visually impaired

Our R.O.V.I.’s (Rehabilitation Officers with Visually Impaired People) also known as rehabilitation workers or mobility workers, help visually impaired people to remain, or become, as independent as possible. ROVI’s can advise you about registration as blind or partially sighted and about the C.V.I. (Certificate of Visual Impairment). They can also help visually impaired people to learn new skills to continue with many daily tasks. This can include things from how to move around with greater safety and more confidence, through to cooking. Sometimes special equipment can help or perhaps a different technique is needed. ROVI’s can assess and advise.

Contact details:

Telephone: 01380 725201.

Email: hearingandvisionteam@wiltshire.gov.uk.

Address: Hearing and Vision Team, Adult Care Operations, Wiltshire Council, Kennet House, Sergeants Rogers Way, Hopton Industrial Estate, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 2ET. 



Guide Dogs

This organisation provides mobility services in the form of a guide dog or My Guide. They campaign on issues affecting blind or partially sighted people and provide services for children with sight loss in the form of buddy dogs and offer a variety of volunteering opportunities.

Contact details:

Telephone: 0800 953 0113

Email: guidedogs@guidedogs.org.uk

Address: Southampton Mobility Team Services, 1 Chilworth Point, Chilworth Road, Southampton,SO16 7JQ

Website: www.guidedogs.org.uk



Blind Veterans

Blind Veterans is a National charity supporting service men and women and their spouses who lose their sight. The clients sight loss does not have to be related to their time spent in the services to receive the support.

Contact details:

Telephone: London HQ 0207 723 5021

Telephone: Brighton Centre 01273 391455

Email: administrator@blindveterans.org.uk

Address: Blind Veterans UK, Greenways, Ovingdean, East Sussex, BN2 7BS

Website: www.blindveterans.org.uk



Citizens Advice Bureau

CAB is one of a network of independent charities throughout the UK that give confidential information and advice to help people with their money, legal, consumer and other problems. The advice and information provided is free, independent, confidential and impartial. We provide advice through face to face, telephone and email services, and online via our self-help.

Contact details:

Telephone: 03444 111 444

Website: www.adviceguide.org.uk



Wiltshire Sight

Information pack available via post.

Peer support groups working across Wiltshire and Swindon providing advice information and support.

One to one support, including help with forms

Resource and Information Centre open 10am – 3pm Monday to Friday (other hours by appointment)

Contact details:

Telephone: 01380 723682 (Helpline open 10am – 2pm Monday to Friday)

Email: info@wiltshiresight.org

Address: St Lucy’s Sight Centre, Browfort, Bath Road, Devizes, SN10 2AT

Website: www.wiltshiresight.org



Independent Living Centre in Semington

ILC offer free impartial advice to elderly and disabled people, offering practical solutions to difficulties in daily living to people living in Wiltshire, Bath and Mendip areas. You can see and try a wide range of products, by arranged appointment with one of their Occupational Therapists, or they can post information to you.

Contact details:

Telephone: 01380 871007

Email: welcome.ilc.semington@googlemail.com

Address: Independent Living Centre, St George's Road, Semington, Wiltshire, BA14 6JQ

Website: www.ilc.org.uk



Association of Disabled Professionals (ADP)

Our services include the provision of employment advice, information and/or peer support for the very many disabled people who contact our helpline and their advisors or friends.

We have a 24-hour answerphone service where disabled people can seek advice and support from another disabled person. There are often barriers to the information that is provided, in that it is, more often than not, in a format that the individual disabled person would find inaccessible. The ADP is able to provide information in the majority of formats requested and will endeavour to provide all information in a particular format at an individual’s request. Thus, not only does the ADP support groups of disabled people within particular employment or educational settings, but we are also able to provide support on an individual basis in order to achieve the most effective outcome for the individual. Generally, in terms of contact with disabled people, the ADP is asked to provide moral and personal support; guidance on effective job hunting; advice on barriers or difficulties encountered whilst at work or in education; advice on benefit related issues; networking opportunities; and information about approaching statutory bodies (e.g. Access to work), educational establishments and employers when difficulties arise. And, if we don’t know the answer we will try to point you in the direction of someone who will! However, in addition to the queries from individual disabled people and our members, the ADP has received enquiries or requests for information in relation to education, employment or training issues, as well as requests to complete surveys and provide written information with regard to a variety of disability related issues.

Contact details:

Telephone: 01204 431638

Email: info@adp.org.uk

Address: Association of Disabled Professionals, C/O START Ability Services, 21 Shrewsbury Road, Bolton, BL1 4NW.

Website: www.adp.org.uk/about.php





VICTA provides support to children and young people who are blind or partially sighted and their families.

VICTA was founded in 1987 by a group of parents who came together to support each other with the day-to-day issues of looking after a visually impaired child. They provided emotional support and worked together to ensure that their children were given the same opportunities as sighted children. They also supported each other through the minefield of obtaining the right educational provision for their children.

VICTA provide grants and support to children and young adults of 0 - 29 years old and are renowned nationwide for supporting this age group through school, college and further education.

Contact details:

Telephone: 01908 240 831

Email: admin@victa.org.uk

Address: 5 Douglas House, 32-34 Simpson Road, Fenny Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK1 1BA

Website: www.victa.org.uk



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