Advice for Veterans

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Where to get information and Advice

A veteran is anyone who has served in any of the British armed forces during their life time; veteran’s dependants may also receive support from some veteran’s organisations as they have been part of the military community.

Wiltshire has a strong and vibrant military community including both serving personnel and ex service men and women. Veterans in Wiltshire are able to access all of the information and advice available to everyone living in Wiltshire and will find lots of the information on this website useful. If you would like information about what’s available in your community please visit the Service Directory or contact the Council's customer advisors on 0300 456 0111 who will be able to provide you with information and advice about living well in your community.

There are however, some specific organisations set up to support veterans and this page provides information about how to access these groups.


What's available for veterans in Wiltshire?

SSAFFA, the armed forces charity provides a huge range of support, information and advice for service men and women and veterans. The Wiltshire branch provides housing advice, mentoring, money advice and much more.

If you would like to find out more about what SSAFA can do please visit their website or 'phone them on 01264 382560

There are lots of other organisations in Wiltshire who may be able to provide information, advice and support to veterans, see the section below for details about some of these.


Military Pensions and Paying for care

People with eligible care and support needs who have assets over £23,250 are required to pay for any care and support they need.  Advice for self-funders is in our 'Do I have to Pay? Menu

People who have assets below £23,250 may be required to pay for care and support. The amount people need to contribute is based on their income and personal financial circumstances.

Veterans who receive a War Pension or Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) will have this income disregarded from their income when the charge is calculated. The only exception to this is Constant Attendance Allowance which is specifically provided to veterans to pay for care and support. More information about charging can be found on the paying for care page.


More information and Useful Links

The Military Civilian Integration Partnership is the first of its kind in the UK. In 10 years it has bought together military and public services maximising the economic and social benefits of Wiltshire’s military presence. Click the link below for more information about this work and what’s available in Wiltshire.

Royal British Legion Wiltshire- support the delivery of a range of welfare services in Wiltshire

Help For Heroes- support for service men and women who have been wounded or are sick or injured.

Cassiobury Court - free help and advice for veterans who suffer with addiction and mental health problems

Veterans Mental Health Service.

The service is hosted by the Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Trust but provides help to military veterans across the whole of the South West of England. Our staff have a wealth of experience in mental health and are appropriately trained to provide an efficient and effective service to veterans in the South West.

Bound By Veterans

The Project’s aim is to harness the therapeutic aspects of manual bookbinding to create an enduring and self-sustaining business for WIS Veterans

Veterans' Gateway

A single point of contact for veterans seeking support