Autism Strategy 2017-2020

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Chalk drawing of a head with autism written inside the brain'Fulfilling and rewarding lives: The strategy for adults with autism in England'

In March 2010, the first ever strategy for improving the lives of adults with autism in England was published. This is called 'Fulfilling and rewarding lives: The strategy for adults with autism in England'. The strategy sets out key actions and recommendations for central government as well as for local authorities, the NHS and Jobcentre Plus. There are five key themes in the strategy that the government has decided are the most important:

  • Making sure that more people understand about autism
  • Making it easier for adults to get a diagnosis of autism. A diagnosis is when a doctor tells someone that they have autism
  • Making it easier for adults with autism to choose how they live, and get the help that they need to do this
  • Helping adults with autism to find jobs
  • Helping local councils and health services to write plans so that the adults with autism who live in their area get the help they need.

Find out more details about the department of health autism strategy here.

‘Think Autism: fulfilling and rewarding lives, the strategy for adults with autism in England: an update’

In 2014, the government published an update to the autism strategy called Think Autism. In addition to the existing duties of the 2010 strategy, there are three new key developments:

  • To develop autism aware communities
  • To fund local innovative projects through the Autism Innovation Fund
  • To improve data collection and offer more joined up information and advice

Think Autism identifies 15 key priorities follow their review of how well the 2010 Autism Strategy has been implemented. Find out more details about the 2014 'Think Autism' strategy or access the easy read version here.

Wiltshire Autism Strategy 2017-2020

The Wiltshire Autism Strategy for 2017-2020 is available (word document 16 pages) 

The Wiltshire Autism Partnership

To help Wiltshire plan how they are going to make these key priorities happen, a 'Wiltshire Autism Partnership' has been set up which includes:

  • Adults with autism
  • Parents /Grandparents
  • Council commissioning lead – learning disabilities/autism
  • Children and families commissioner
  • Head of service
  • National Autistic Society representative
  • Representatives from the criminal justice system
  • A representative from Wiltshire Parents Carers Council
  • Adult Autism Diagnostic providers
  • Public Health representative

Adults with autism meet regularly as an Autism Forum. They discuss priorities and comment on the work of the Autism Partnership. They feed their views directly in to the Board meeting.

To support its work, the Wiltshire Autism Partnership has put together a directory of the groups that currently exist in Wiltshire, including National Autistic Society groups, therapeutic groups and parent organisations. Most of these groups are agreed on the Wiltshire Autism Partnership's autism strategy.

For more information get in touch with Adult Social Care Advice and Contact.

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