How will the Better Care Plan change your care?

Carer in the home

Frequently asked questions:


How will we support care closer to home?

  • We will review processes for hospital discharge so that people do not make a decision about their long-term care arrangements in an acute hospital. This will reduce delays in hospital.
  • We will implement our model of local multi-disciplinary team working, moving staff and services into local clusters.
  • We will realign investment in community health services to ensure we address inequity of provision across the county.
  • We will review the provision of bed-based care in the county, including the commissioning of care home beds. We will re- commission care home beds using an outcomes-based approach to ensure that all care takes a enabling approach and achieves the right outcomes to maximise independence. The council and the CCG will ensure care home beds are commissioned in a consistent way.
  • We will make the best use of telecare and telehealth services to increase the range of equipment used and the number of people benefited.
  • We will increase investment in capacity and skills for intermediate care and reablement in the community. This will be through a review of our existing STARR step up and step-down bedded scheme with a view to moving more of the investment from beds to support in people’s own homes.
  • We will review the implementation of Help to Live at Home processes to improve outcomes for intermediate care.
  • We will ensure the availability of additional capacity within intermediate care services for escalation beds in the community, when the whole system is under pressure, for example, over the winter period.
  • We will work explicitly with NHS England to develop capacity in General Practice in Wiltshire.
  • We will implement new contracts for care home beds.
  • We will continue to increase investment in community-based therapy and support for rehabilitation and re-ablement and further shift to more re-ablement at home rather than in hospital or care home beds.


How will we ensure the right support when people need it?

  • We will continue to invest in 24/7 rapid response services
  • We will continue to invest in acute liaison services to support hospital discharge at weekends


How will we deliver Shared Assessments and Support Plans?

  • We will develop and pilot a single support plan record which is held by the patient/service user.
  • We will scope requirements for information systems to allow people to share information at a local level about patients and service users. This will avoid the need for people to repeat their story to different agencies.
  • We will implement a single assessment and support plan.
  • We will implement information sharing systems.


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