How will local social care services be protected within your plans?

Funding currently allocated within the social care ‘Health Gains’ transfer and reablement transfers have been used to enable the local authority to meet increased demands for services and sustain the current level of eligibility. This has been through investment in on the following:


Social Care Questionnaire

Direct care provision

  • Admissions to care homes
  • Help to Live at Home services
  • Care for people with complex needs (delegated healthcare)
  • Step up and step down beds (STARR)
  • Telecare response service
  • Services for carers.


Capacity to support discharge from hospital

  • Additional social work capacity
  • Liaison services to support discharge teams
  • Information services to support self-funders.

We will sustain these funding allocations to protect social care services. However, our review of the pathway for frail older people, and review of hospital discharge arrangements will allow us to refocus this investment to ensure that there is a shift from placements to care at home and intermediate care services.

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