Independent Financial Advisors

Independent Financial AdvisorsFinancial advice is available to older people and their families to help them plan for long-term care, should they need it.

The council, working in partnership with other organisations, has developed an arrangement that ensures financial advice and support is easy to obtain and access.

Many older people face significant challenges, including having a large investment in their homes with little income to provide for long-term care. Also, most wish to pass on some financial benefit to their families.

The council has identified two qualified and accredited independent financial companies with professional competency and accreditation in long-term care planning. These companies, along with a number of others, are approved by the Society of Later Life Advisors (SOLLA):

Ashcourt Rowan
Tel: 01225 469424
Fax: 01225 428760

Eldercare Solutions
Tel: 0800 0821155


These two organisations have been commissioned by the council to provide independant specialist advice and products specifically tailored to the needs of older people.

There are a number of other Independent Financial Advisors available who are accredited by the Society of Later Life Advisors. You can search for SOLLA registered advisors through the SOLLA website here.

Wiltshire Council recommends that you should always check companies have this accreditation in place before discussing your financial situation with them.

For additional information about the range of care services available in Wiltshire, please see the Wiltshire Care Services Directory 2015/16 available online at theCare Choices website.