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How to use the site +

Welcome to your care your support Wiltshire. This website has been developed by Wiltshire Council and Healthwatch Wiltshire to provide people with information about care and support services in Wiltshire and to provide information about what services are available within your community.

It is easy to find information – here’s how:



1) How to find information in www.yourcareyoursupportwiltshire.org.uk

The design of Your Care Your Support Wiltshire is based on the questions people often ask about Health and Social Care, separated into different ‘tiles’ on the page. Each tile has a picture and brief description of the subject it stands for. Click on a tile to open a new page or menu.

We have arranged our information around four usual questions people ask us about Social Care.

  1. ‘What is social care?’
  2. ‘How do I get it?’
  3. ‘How do I pay for it?’
  4. ‘What do I do if someone is being abused?

Quick links will always be visible near the top of your screen. They quickly return you to

  • The website home page or Wiltshire Council’s homepage
  • Directories in the site (The A to Z or Service Directory)
  • Guides (bespoke information and lists),
  • Ways to Contact Us (the contact us page, feedback page, and referrals).

2) Information tailored for you

Information Pages and the Service Directory

The information pages are about the subjects you will be considering when you are finding out about adult social care. The service directory is a database of services in the county which support people in Wiltshire


Guides enable you to build an information sheet tailored to your needs that you can print, save, or send by email. You can find the guides section by clicking on the Guides quick link. We want to develop this aspect of the website. If you would like guides about a specific topic, please do let us know through the feedback option.


My Pad lets you save links to information you have found and want to go back to. You can also add your own notes and update them whenever you wish. If you have not created an account, then the links and notes stay in MyPad until you close your care your support Wiltshire. If you are logged in to your account, MyPad will save your links and notes until you delete them.

Create an account or Log In

If you want to save the information to look at again in the future you will need to create an account. This takes just a few minutes and all you need is a few personal details and a valid email address. Having an account will help you use forms to refer yourself for services.

3) About Site Search

You can search in the box at the top right-hand side of the screen in the desktop, or as part of the ‘hamburger icon’ on mobile. Type a few words and press ‘return’ on your keyboard. You can also click the magnifying glass symbol to search the site.

About search results

Search results give you service directory and information pages. Search results are displayed in a list, but you can choose to display them on a map. You can filter search results by category or information source. In list view, click the title in the description of the result. In map view, scroll in to look at the pushpins in the map.

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