Third Party Top Ups


Paying-for-care-OLMThis information will help you if you wish to choose a carehome or care service that is more expensive than what the council is able to pay.

What is a Third Party Top Up?

A person who needs care and support can use a third party to help pay for the cost of their care if they choose a care home or service that is more expensive than the Council would normally expect to pay. This is called a third party top up. Customers will always be offered at least one service where no top up will be required however if you choose an alternative service that charges more than the Council would pay you will be asked to contribute or ‘top up’ the difference.

Third party top ups can only be used when the cost of living in a care home is more than the benchmark fee set by the Council for that particular type of care and support. For more information about the benchmark rates used by the Council please talk to the Advice and Contact Team. 

Who can pay my Third Party Top Up?

Normally, it is a family member or a friend, but it can be anyone. In some instances it can be the person using the care service themselves.

Only one person can be named as being the third party contributor but this does not mean that family members cannot get together and agree to make the payment between them.  It does however mean that only one member of the family is responsible for making the payment to the home or service.

What happens if my Third Party cannot Top Up anymore?

If your third party top up can no longer afford to pay the additional costs you should contact us on 0300 456 0111 so we can talk through your options. The Council will always attempt to negotiate with a provider on your behalf to reduce the weekly top up so that it is more affordable, and will always re-assess your needs to ensure we are paying the right amount for your care and support needs.

If the fee charged by the provider cannot be met, the Council will offer you a range of alternative services where you will not need to pay a top up. The Council may also conduct a best interest assessment to establish the impact asking you to move to another service would have on your wellbeing.


What is needed for a Third Party Top Up?

The Council cannot confirm a placement or care package with a service where you plan to top up until the following has been completed:

  • A financial assessment, outlining your finances. This will allow us to calculate the amount you will need to pay to wards your care. This is not part of the third party top up system.
  • A letter from the third party who has agreed to make the contributions, to the Council. This must highlight that they will make the payment to the care home or care service for the agreed amount and that this will be paid by themselves directly to the home or service for the duration of the person's stay.

The letter must be addressed to Wiltshire Council showing:

  • the home address of the third party making the contribution
  • the signature of the third party making the contribution
  • the name of the person moving into the carehome or care service
  • the name of the proposed care home or care service