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Why is Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire NHS offering ShapeUp4Life?

What is ShapeUp4Life?

Who is eligible for a ShapeUp4Life course?

Where are the courses and when?

How do I sign up?


Why is Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire NHS offering ShapeUp4Life?

Nationally, 25% of adults are obese (BMI ≥30kg/m2), a statistic mirrored in Wiltshire. With an estimated 25.2% of the local adult population being obese, it affects about 99,000 people in Wiltshire.

Obesity can significantly increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, some cancers and mental health conditions like anxiety, low self-esteem and depression. ShapeUp4Life aims to help Wiltshire residents lose weight long term and therefore reduce the risk of developing these conditions.

What is ShapeUp4Life?

Shape Up 4 Life (SU4L) a FREE 12-week management programme that supports people to lose weight and keep it off long term.

Run in groups of 12 to 15 people both daytime and evening in community settings; sessions are interactive, practical and discussion based.


There are 2 face-to-face programmes set to start in April, all around the county.

  • ShapeUp4Life is 45 minutes of discussion about lifestyle, diet and activity and then 45 minutes of light exercise.
  • ShapeUp4Life Open is a 60-minute lifestyle and diet session without the light exercise. However, there is exercise guidance given in a booklet and online.


Who is eligible for a ShapeUp4Life course?

Anyone aged 14+, has a BMI of 30 or 28 if they have other medical conditions, and is resident in Wiltshire or registered with a GP surgery in Wiltshire.


Where can I find a ShapeUp4Life course?

Courses for April, May, June and July 2019 are in the following locations:


Shrewton Village Hall

Devizes Leisure Centre

Bowerhill Community Centre

Trowbridge Sports Centre

Paxcroft Community Centre

Citadel Hall

The Salvation Army Hall

Ramsbury Memorial Hall

Warminster Civic Centre

Bemerton Methodist Church, Salisbury

Nursteed Community Centre

Pewsey Daytime OPEN (Location TBC)

The Laverton Westbury evening SU4L OPEN

Cricklade Leisure Centre

Amesbury (Location TBC)

Marlborough (Location TBC)

Salisbury Evenings SU4L OPEN (Location TBC)

Beversbrook Sports Facility


How do I sign up?

Telephone: 0800 246 5877                                  twitter:@SU4LWiltshire

Web: www.shapeup4-life.co.uk                        facebook: SU4LWiltshire

Email: shapeup4life.wiltshire@nhs.net



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