Emergency Duty Service

Emergency duty serviceThis page contains information on the Emergency Duty Service

What is the Emergency Duty Service?

The Emergency Duty Service (EDS) is the social work crisis service provided by Wiltshire Council outside normal office hours, at night and over weekends and bank holidays. The service is provided to help with personal or family problems that reach a crisis at these times.

Through the EDS, every effort is made to help people in need and their families, irrespective of race, gender, ethnic origin, religion, culture, disability or sexual orientation.

How and when you can contact us

You can contact the Emergency Adult and Child Social Care Service on:
Tel: 0300 456 0100 
Fax: 01249 454644

When your local office for day-time services is closed: Weekdays: 5pm to 9am

Weekends: 4pm Friday to 9am Monday Bank Holidays: 24 hours.

What sort of problems does the Emergency Duty Service deal with?

  • Children or young people seeking advice
  • Difficulties with your children
  • Worries about a child outside your family
  • Older people at risk or in need
  • Worries about someone with a disability, vision or hearing loss
  • Domestic violence
  • Homelessness in Wiltshire
  • Mental Health Act Assessments
  • Problems with your home care.

What happens next?

It’s hard to think straight when there is a crisis, especially if it’s the middle of the night. We can give information and advice over the phone to help you. If we think that you need to contact another organisation, we will help you get in touch with them. If you are already in touch with someone from the day-time service, the social worker will help you until you can make new plans.

We try to sort things out over the phone. However, we will come out to see you if we think you need more help than we can give you over the phone. We will then write a report which gives details of the problem and what we did to help you. This report will be sent to the relevant day- time team and kept for our records.

Tell us what you think

If you were happy with the service you received, or have suggestions about how we can improve our service, please let us know.

Wiltshire Council Emergency Duty Service EDS Centre

PO Box 3785

Chippenham Wiltshire SN15 9GS

Contact us

Emergency duty service

Tel: 0300 456 0100

Fax: 01249 454644

Information about Wiltshire Council services can be made available on request in other languages including BSL and formats such as large print and audio. Please contact the council by telephone: 0300 456 0100, or email: customerservices@wiltshire.gov.uk

Page last updated: 13th March 2018