Support in Wiltshire living with a life-limiting illness

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Caring Hands

GPs and community health services

Your GP will be able to discuss your care and also put you in touch with relevant local services including support.

Pharmacies with palliative care medicines

Wiltshire CCG has commissioned several pharmacies across the county, aiming to ensure that palliative care and emergency medicines are available during full extended opening hours.

The pharmacist will, where requested provide advice to health care professionals regarding the prescribing or dosage of medicines that should be administered to a patient, and will ensure stocks of medicines are available. In circumstances where they are unable to supply the item promptly, the pharmacist will direct the patient or carer to the next nearest commissioned provider checking first they have the supply in stock.

Social Care in Wiltshire

Any adult living in Wiltshire or thinking about moving to the area, including family and friends, can come to us to find out how social care and other services could help. We provide guidance and information to help you find the support you need as easily as possible.

We have information on a wide variety of local care and community support services and will look at how these local services may help you before considering other options.

We will treat you as an individual by offering services focused on your particular needs. All our services are aimed at helping you to live your life as independently as possible.

For more information about Adult Social Care in Wiltshire:

An overview of social care in Wiltshire

Steps to get care and support

You can telephone Adult Social Care to speak to a Customer Advisor on: 0300 456 0111

Residential and nursing care in Wiltshire

Sometimes it is more appropriate for a person to receive care in a Care Home setting rather than remaining in their own home.

You can learn more about home care providers, residential and nursing homes in the Wiltshire Care Services Directory published by Care Choices.


There are three hospices serving the people of Wiltshire, each providing dedicated end-of-life care for patients and compassionate support for their families and friends. Salisbury is in the south of the county, Prospect Hospice in Wroughton, near Swindon and Dorothy House in Winsley, near Bradford-on- Avon.

Hospice care supports people with a life threatening illness and their families and friends in their own homes. Care is based on personal needs, provides relief from pain and distress, and is aimed at a good quality of life in the time that is left.

All hospices have inpatient beds for those requiring 24 hour care to help with distressing symptoms or who wish to die in the hospice. They also provide day care and other services depending on the hospice. Hospice staff also work in partnership with colleagues in health and social services in the community, in care homes and in hospital offering advice, support and education. All hospice care is free of charge and funded partly by the NHS and partly by charitable money raised by the hospices.

Salisbury Hospice

Tel - 01722 425113

Prospect Hospice

Tel - 01793 813355

Dorothy House

Tel - 01225 722988

NHS Wiltshire CCG End of Life Information

Contains information and advice about treatment options and other services.

Find your nearest GP, Pharmacy or Hospital

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