Health and Wellbeing Groups

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What is a local Health & Wellbeing Group?

Health and Wellbeing (HWG) groups were set up in early 2016. The groups were set up to support local people and organisations to promote health and wellbeing for adults living within a community area.

The HWGs are sub groups of Wiltshire’s Area Boards;  

The membership of the HWG varies based on local people and the communities they live in but will normally include Health & Wellbeing Champions, representatives of local groups with an interest in health & wellbeing, local Councillors, local volunteers

Each of the Area Boards* has been allocated a revenue budget of £6700 pa which is available to fund local projects and initiatives. These funds have been devolved from Wiltshire Councils Community Commissioning Team budget and as such must be used to fund health and wellbeing priorities for adults living within a community area.

Local groups may apply for grants which will be allocated based on locally identified priorities. The application form is available to download or, if you do not have access to the internet, from your Community Engagement Manager  


What is a local Health & Wellbeing Champion?

Health & Wellbeing Champions have been appointed in each community area and are key members of the HWG

There are two types of champions – Older Peoples Champions and Carers Champions

The role of the champions is to connect communities and act as a voice for local people’s issues via the HWG and Area Board

Individuals or local groups can act as Champions


What does a local Health & Wellbeing Group do?

The HWGs facilitate local health and wellbeing networks and help to deliver locally identified priorities. These priorities are identified via the local Joint Strategic Assessments

The HWG considers applications for funding and makes recommendations to the Area Board

The HWGs have delivered a range of projects over the last year including developing digital hubs to support older people access information technology, funded community transport initiatives, supported local lunch clubs and Living Well Projects

Some areas have used the money to fund an organisation to work within their community to support people remain connected and to live as independently as possible.


 Forms available for download