Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities - Easy Read

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Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities (CTPLD)
CTPLD team   The Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities is a group of health and social care professionals, who work together to support adults with a learning disability.
Who we support
Person   We support people with a learning disability who are 18 years or older, to help them lead and run their lives the way they want.
Person pushing another person in wheelchair   We also support carers, health workers and other service providers who work together to look after people’s social care needs.
Values and Principles
Person with purple banner around them   Our aim is to work with people with learning disabilities and their carers, to make sure they have the best health and social care they need so that they are able to have a good quality of life.
What we can help you with
Support Plan Booklet   Working out what support people with learning disabilities need and how we can best help to meet those needs.
nurse meeting with 2 patients   Support with epilepsy
Person with stress marks coming from head   Support to deal with challenging behaviour.
Person using electronic text to speech keyboard to communicate   Communication support
Hoist   Equipment
2 people holding hands   Relationships
2 people suporting wheelchair user   Supporting people with complex physical health needs
person with unhealthy meal   Difficulties with eating and drinking
What we do
person writing on clipboard   Assess health and social care needs.
booklets   Provide information and advice.
Two people standing next to each other   Work with the individual and their carer if there is one.
NHS Health Trainers   Provide training to help with any health problems.
Group of People   Encourage access to the community .
Group of healthcare and social care professionals   Work with doctors, health and social care workers, voluntary organisations and community services to provide support for an individual’s health needs
The people who work in our community teams
Nurse   • Behaviour nursing
• Continuing Health Care Nursing
• Health Facilitation Nursing
Doctor   • Occupational Therapy
• Physiotherapy
Two people talking at a table   • Psychiatry
• Clinical Psychology
two people talking sat down   • Speech and Language Therapy
• Specialist Social Work
Wiltshire Council Logo   Please call Wiltshire Council Adult Care on 0300 456 0111 and ask to speak to the CTPLD health team.
Blue telephone   South & East Team Coordinator/LD Nurse
Office: 01672 517370
Mobile: 07825 145341
Red Telephone   • North & West Team Coordinator/LD Nurse
Office: 01722 438059
Mobile: 07881 878294
Further Information
Computer   For more information please visit the following websites:
Great Western Hospital Friends and Families Survey
Your Care Your Support Wiltshire
Improving Health and Lives (IHAL)
A Picture of Health
Easy Health
Personal Health Budgets
The Challenging Behaviour Foundation
The National Autistic Society
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