Direct Payments - Easy Read

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What is a Direct Payment?
Direct Payment   A Direct Payment is money from the council to pay for the care and support you need after a Care Assessment.
Man pointing   This money lets you choose and buy the care services for yourself. This gives you more control over your life and the care that you get.
Direct Payment being made   You have to agree to having a Direct Payment and managing it (this means looking after the money and keeping receipts). You can ask somebody you know to help you with this or ask the Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living.
What can I use a Direct Payment for?
thumbs up   Direct Payments can be used to pay for the help and support you are assessed as needing, giving you more choice and control over your life.
respite care for man   The money is sometimes given so that you can arrange a short break (respite care).
shower equipment   The money might also be given so that you can buy special equipment to help you stay independent.
Choice of care   If you have a Direct Payment, you can buy your care or support, directly from an agency. This means you can choose the time you get help and which agency to use.
personal assistant   Or you can choose to employ your own Personal Assistant (PA) to support you.
A PA is the name used for the person you choose to provide support just for you.
If you employ a PA you are responsible for paying them and telling them what you want them to do to help you. You are the ‘boss’.
If I am a Carer, what can I use a Direct Payment for?
carers break   You can use a Direct Payment to pay for support to give you a break if you need it.
Are there things that I can’t use Direct Payments for?
can't pay for   Yes. There are certain things that you cannot use the money to pay for. These include:
dentist   Health services that you might pay for (for example the dentist).
residential home   Residential or nursing homes - unless you stay there just for a short while (as respite care).
wiltshire council logo   Council services.
How much will I get?
money   The amount of money you receive will be worked out after completing an assessment that has looked at the support that you need to live independently.
wallet   A Financial assessment will also be carried out to make sure you are getting all of the benefits you are entitled to. You will usually have to pay something towards the cost of your support.
If you need to know more you can contact the Council:
centre for independnt living logo   Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living (CIL) is funded by the council to help people with a Direct Payment or Personal Budget.
CIL is a user-led group which helps to make sure that everybody can live independently and with equal rights.
CIL offers support and information.
You can ask for someone to visit you to help decide if a Direct Payment is right for you and help draw up a care and support plan.
They can also help you to manage the money if you choose to employ your own Personal Assistant.
You can contact them:
computer   By email:
telephone   By telephone on: 01380 725 400
computer   Or go to their website:
What do I have to do to get a Direct Payment?
assessment   Stage 1.
The Council will look at your needs and decide what help you need to be able to live your life the way you want to.
The Council will then work out how much money you should get.
They will also work out if you need to pay any money towards your support.
care plan   Stage 2.
Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living (CIL) will help you complete a Support Plan.
This plan will show how you want to be supported.
The plan will then be sent to the Council.
Your Direct Payment will start once the Council have looked at your plan and decided that it is ok.
group of people   Stage 3.
CIL will help you to choose an agency or Personal Assistant.
The Council will sometimes check that your needs are being met or whether anything needs to be changed – a review.
What else do I need to know?
bank   You will be asked to open a new bank account, separate from your household account, so that the Council can pay your Direct Payment money into it every month.
filling out forms   The Council will give you a form to fill in to tell them what you have spent your Direct Payment on. You can ask for help with this.
Your Direct Payment money is different from any Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) benefits you might be entitled to.
Having a DP will not affect your benefits.
Extra help and information
telephone   Wiltshire Council Social Care Team can help.
You can call them on 0300 456 0111.
information booklet   If you need information about paying for residential care, you can ask the Council for a copy of a document called Paying for Residential or Nursing care.
care directory   If you want more information about care services you might want to look at a copy of the Wiltshire Care Services Directory.

You can get this by:
website   Going to the website at
telephone   or by calling 0300 456 0111
emails   or by emailing
website   There is an online toolkit to help you with employing a Personal Assistant. Go to: