Employment and Community Skills - Easy Read

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Employment and Community Skills
Person working in a workshop   There are two teams in the Employment and Community Skills department. These are the Wiltshire Employment Support Team and the Community Connecting Team.
Wiltshire Employment Support Team
bunch of people in clouds linked to a questionmark   The Wiltshire Employment Support team work to help you find and keep paid work with local employers.
people in clouds being matched with skills   We will look at what will suit your skills and experience.
We will then match your skills with jobs or apprenticeships that are available.
Community Connecting (skills)
people sat around a table with the text community connecting   The Community Connecting team helps you to find out more about your local community and get involved. They can help you with:
people volunteering   Finding voluntary work
a group of people   Socialising
group of people doing various activities   Joining a club
people at college   Going to college
people outside a large building   Using community facilities for activities you enjoy.
group of friends   Meeting friends
train, bus, taxi and minibus   Travel training
To use the Wiltshire Employment Support Team or the Community Connecting Team you have to be:
SEND statement   14 to 25 years of age with a statement of Special Education Need or have had a statement.
a 'my plan' crossed out   16 to 25 year olds with autism without a My Plan need to discuss with the team before a referral is made.
an adult social care referral booklet   For people over 18 years old, please contact your Social Worker or Care Manager in Adult Care.
Map of wiltshire   Live in Wiltshire
You are not eligible if you are:
Wiltshire Council logo and a person sat at a computer   Working with another Wiltshire Council supported employment service.
2 people talking sat on chairs   Supported by a universal service (that’s open to anyone) such as a Work Programme provider.
People that can refer you are:
Group of health and social care professionals   • Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) Worker
• Wiltshire College Tutor
• Social worker
• Wiltshire Specialist School Teacher
Group of people   • Avon and Wiltshire Partnership (AWP), Autism Assessment.
• Wiltshire Council social care Advice and Information.
• Integrated Youth Service
The referral process – how it works:
Person writing on clipboard   Referral
You will be referred to a Job Coach or Community Co-ordinator.
Person stood still   Customer
You will be given an Information pack.
CV   Profiling
You will make a personal profile (about you)and a CV.
Person reading newspaper   Searching
The team will help you to look for paid work, fill in application forms and go to interviews.
The community connecting team will help you look for voluntary work, training, travel training and to make friendships.
6 week calender   Coaching
Coaching normally lasts for about 6 weeks.
Person reading review   Reviews
You will have a review to see how things are going, every 3 to 6 months when you are with a job coach or the community connecting team.
2 people shaking hands   Closure
The support you get will end when you are in job and feel confident to stay in that work.
Employment and Community Skills - Schools and Colleges in Wiltshire
School classroom with 3 people inside it   Wiltshire Employment Support Team (WEST) works with specialist schools in Wiltshire to deliver a 14 week programme to help students prepare for paid work.
The sessions include:
People in the workplace   What is work
Health and saftey items   Health & Safety
Person holding up a plan   Attitudes & Expectations
shower and soap   Personal hygiene
Person cooking as a hobby   Transferable skills
Application Pack   Applications & Interviews
Innapropriate behaviour   Appropriate Behaviour
People watching a presentation   About Supported Employment
person pointing to their goals   Next Steps (Goals)
People in a classroom   Community Connecting work in specialist schools and provide a six week programme that focuses on the community.
The course includes:
2 people shaking hands   Introduction
train, minivan, bus and taxi   Travel support
Person holding up a plan   Attitudes & Expectations
People and their hobbies   Hobbies and Interests
3 friends   Friendships
shower and soap   Personal hygiene
train, taxi, minibus and bus   Travel
people volunteering   About volunteering
Person pointing to their goals   Next Steps(Goals)
Persons options available after training   Occasionally training before being placed in a paid job might be the best option.
A job coach can identify and agree traineeships with an employer and the community connect team will provide support for a time.