Occupational Therapy - Easy Read

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Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapist   Wiltshire Council employs Occupational Therapists (OT) to carry out assessments with older people and those who have physical disabilities or other needs.
They do this so that people who experience difficulties with daily living get the right services to meet their needs.Direct Payment is money from the council to pay for the care and support you need after a Care Assessment.
Occupational Therapist holding certificate   Occupational Therapists have to be registered and have the right qualification before they can work with patients.
map of wlitshire   There are Occupational Therapists based throughout Wiltshire. They often work in a team with other health and care professionals.
Occupational Therapist discussing difficulties with someone   An OT assessment will look at the practical difficulties that a disabled person might face in getting around their home and carrying out daily living tasks and with personal care such as having a bath.
Hoist   After an assessment, they might be able to help with obtaining equipment to make life easier. For example:

A hoist for lifting
wheelchair going up a ramp   A ramp instead of stairs.
stair lift   A stair lift
wet room with shower   An accessible shower (wet) room
van moving contents from one house to another   They might also be able to help you move to a more suitable property if the place you are living in now does not meet your needs.
people doing everyday tasks   Or they may be able to suggest easier ways of doing everyday tasks if you are finding certain things difficult.
Returning Equipment no longer needed for daily living
telephone   If you have been loaned an item of equipment for daily living that you no longer require please telephone 01249 815052 between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday to arrange collection.
van collecting hoist   Collection can take up to 10 days so if you need the item collecting very quickly, please let us know when you call.