Personal Budgets - Easy Read

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Personal Budgets
Personalisation   Personalisation is a new way of providing social care to people who need support to live independently. It aims to give them choice and control over the help they receive by tailoring services around the needs of the person, rather than using a onesize- fits-all approach.
Department of Health logo   The Department of Health says Personalisation means that: “Every person who receives support, whether provided by statutory services or funded by themselves, will have choice and control over the shape of that support in all care settings”.
Assessment title image   It means that if you are assessed as needing help from the council, you will get the support you want in the way you choose.
Pile of money including notes and coins   This can be through a Direct Payment or a Personal Budget, monies allocated to pay for the support needed to live independently and be active in your community
Care Plan folder   You will need to make a Support Plan for the Council, before they agree to the money to pay for your care, but you can have help to do this from family, friends or the Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living (WCIL). You will be able to choose to manage your support yourself or the Council can do it for you.
What is a Personal Budget?
Pile of money including notes and coins   If the Council decides that you need support, after a Care Assessment, they will tell you what they think it might cost (indicative budget). This is called a Personal Budget.
Care Plan folder   When you have made your Support Plan the Council will check that it meets all of your needs and is value for money.
You will then be told what your Personal Budget will be and the cost of the services will be included in your Support Plan.
If the cost of services change, your Personal Budget will be changed to match this.
Personal Budget title image   You will receive a Personal Budget if you meet the requirements of the Eligibility Criteria in the Care Act 2014 and the Council have agreed that you need support services following a Care Assessment.
computer on website   For more information about this go to and search for Eligibility and/or Charges and Benefits.
How do I get a Personal Budget?
Wiltshire Council Logo   Contact the Council:
Telephone   0300 456 0111
computer on email   or email
person holding up checklist   When you talk to someone at the Council they will help you decide what is important to you and what support you might need to help you live an independent and active life.
How can I use my Personal Budget
Personal Budget text wrapping wrong a stack of £20 notes   You can use your Personal Budget:
Wiltshire Council Logo   For care and support services that have been arranged by the Council but chosen by you.
Woman making Direct Payment   As a Direct Payment – you will get the money and buy your own care and support
carer caring after person   As a mixture of both if you choose to.