Choosing your own home

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Issues to consider when choosing a home

When you're looking at properties to rent or buy, there are lots of things to consider. Use this checklist to help you work out how well the property suits your needs.



  • Ground floor property
  • Direct access to the property (rather than communal)
  • All doorways at least 80cm wide (for wheelchair access)
  • Hallway at least 90cm wide
  • Property on one level
  • Ramped access
  • External stair lift or wheelchair lift


General accessibility

  • Are handles/locks useable and at the right height?
  • Handrails
  • Sockets and switches within reach
  • 'Smart Home' system, for controlling lighting, heating and electrical equipment remotely
  • Contrasting colour scheme for improved visibility
  • Door entry intercom
  • Internal stair lift or wheelchair lift



  • Lowered worktops
  • Accessible taps
  • Plenty of surface space, leaving room for kitchen aids such as a kettle tipper or jar stabiliser


Bathroom and toilet

  • Ground floor bathroom or toilet
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet
  • Wet room
  • Accessible bath (ie with hoist, side door, handrails, seat)
  • Accessible shower (ie with seat, handrails, roll-in access)



  • Garage
  • Drive
  • Roadside parking
  • Designated disabled parking
  • No steps or other barriers between parking and entrance



  • Level or ramped access



  • Adequate healthcare facilities nearby
  • Convenient, accessible public transport
  • Suitable support services available


Contact Details

For further information or for help contact: SEND on 01225 757985 or Adult Care on 0300 456 0111.