Wiltshire Accreditation Scheme for the provision of Residential Care for people with complex needs

Please see map of Wiltshire showing where each accredited home is: Map of Wiltshire showing accredited care homes

This service is for people with complex needs who are aged 18 years or over who require a specialist residential service to meet their needs.

Accessing the service:

In order to access the service, the adult must have a learning disability / autism and complex needs which include one or more of the following:

  • Behaviours that challenge
  • Mental health needs
  • Physical health needs

Wiltshire Council’s intention is to only place people with the most complex needs within residential care. Providers need to evidence that they can provide the support and environments to meet the needs of people with these needs. Wiltshire Council monitor services by carrying out quality reviews every 12-18 months or as required.

It is intended that services will be commissioned on the basis of being able to achieve positive outcomes in terms of supporting individuals with complex needs and improving their quality of life.

Services will be available 24 hours a day, 365/6 days a year and will only be made available for customers eligible for 24 hour accommodation and support.

Residential Care Homes must be correctly registered and comply with CQC requirements

Commissioning Intentions:

Wiltshire Council intends to commission services from quality providers who are able to demonstrate that they can provide the right support and environments to meet complex needs, whilst also maximising customer’s independence; and who also recognise that part of this is an appropriate and timely withdrawal of their support.

Wiltshire Council will expect its providers to be the expert in the service they offer, being aware of all relevant national policy and legislation and ensuring they are able to demonstrate this clearly not only in their procedures and information, but in the delivery on a day to day basis.


Individuals will be supported to be as independent as possible and providers will be expected to develop care and support plans to enable customers to achieve this.

Where improved independence is unlikely, providers will be expected to develop support plans to maintain someone’s current level of independence and prevent an increase in need/behaviours.

Providers are to ensure that outcomes for each person are person-centred and in line with the long term aims and aspirations identified in their Support Plan.