War Pensions and Social Care Financial Assessments

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New rules for how War Pensions are taken into account in social care financial assessments are coming into force in Wiltshire in April 2017 and War Pensioners are being asked to get in touch with Wiltshire Council if they currently contribute to the costs of their care and have less than £23,250 in savings.

As part of the Armed Forces Covenant, Wiltshire Council has committed to making sure veterans are not disadvantaged by their service and when appropriate receive special consideration.

Armed forces veterans who have been injured on active service receive payments under one of two schemes. The War Pensions Scheme (WPS) applies to veterans injured before 6 April 2005 and the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) applies to those injured on or after that date. Under the schemes there can be two main types of benefits – a lump sum personal injury compensation payment, and an ongoing payment paid weekly or monthly.

Currently, under government rules, Guaranteed Income Payments under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme have been disregarded (i.e. not taken into account) in social care financial assessments since October 2012.

Now, from 10 April, all payments to veterans under the War Pension Scheme (with the exception of Constant Attendance Allowance which is specifically intended to pay for care) will also be fully disregarded in financial assessments, to bring this into line with the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. Previously, only the first £10 a week was disregarded.

Consequently, if you are a war pensioner who currently contributes towards your social care package and believe you would benefit from a re-assessment of your financial contributions to social care costs please contact Wiltshire Council.